Give or Take

Welcome to America.

We are 200 and 39 years old; give or take.

We fought for our independence because we listened to a handful of guys that could read and write and they swore to us that “we” were oppressed.

One of my great grandpa’s believed it so much that he went and got himself killed, good and proper.

For what?


We’re not free.

We are a young country.

We have a young government.

We blazed new paths, created unimaginable opportunities for millions and forged possibilities for dreamers and explorers…

That lasted until about 1787….Give or take.

We know nothing and admit nothing but take credit for most everything that is worth anything to anyone.

1787…..That’s about the time that the shepards of this new flock realized that we were so much more than your typical dumb sheep.

We were led easily, willingly; without too much bleating and jostling; to be either shorn or slaughtered, depending on the wants of the few and the needs of the “collective good”

We could be taught, if the teacher knew the material, as laid down by law.

We could be controlled, if the dance master knew the steps, beforehand.

We would value shiny rocks and clear stones more than food or freedom because someone more educated and of a higher sort, told us that these things were valuable; much too valuable to be assessed by a common citizen.

Filthy lucre sticks to your fingers.

Who said that a diamond should be more than quartz?

Who were they to make that determination?

Why is it, really?

Who said gold is more valuable than clay? Who made them the boss?

Why….we did.

Give or take…

Who said that one acre of land in NYC should cost as much as one whole city in Wyoming?

Who says that immigrants should leave our infant country when we are all immigrants.

Ever since the time Adam and Eve were driven from the first home and traveled far upon the earth, we have ALL been aliens in a strange land.

Who said that a white man and a black man should struggle, one against another, especially considering the fact that we are all brothers from the same ancient possibly prehistoric mother.

It’s science, look it up.

Humbly admit your ignorance and set yourself free of pride in knowing a little bit about everything….and much-a-do about nothing, really… quite honestly.

We all had to start somewhere and the beginning is a good start…we just forget what it was like to start from nothing.

Who says that your God is not my god?

We do.

Who says that your child can’t feed my child?

We do.

Who says that you can’t live next to me because your clay isn’t as valuable as my clay?

We do.

The world spins out of control.

It is out of our hands.

It was never actually IN our hands, was it?

An Indian chief laughed at us strange, foolish men when we wanted to buy land and trees.

So, we cut down the trees, made a stick and beat him with it until he wasn’t laughing anymore; on the land we gave him, our red brothers.

We are one and the same, different by only a name that isn’t necessarily necessary….

Stay out of my country
Stay out of my neighborhood

I’m scared of you because I don’t know you, I can’t understand what you’re saying and I don’t know what you want.

You’re not from here, you’re from somewhere else.

My leaders tell me you are the enemy and are sucking my country dry but we need you but, you can’t stay.

You want to take my home, you want to take my job, you want to make ME unnecessary.

You hate me because I am, me.
I hate you because you are you, and not me.
We hate them because they are not us.
They hate us because it’s easier than trust.

I have an idea, extreme but feasible.

Outside the box…

I’ll plant corn
You plant trees.

I’ll feed us, you shelter us.

Then, when we have extra, we’ll ask the others if they know how to grow or build anything.

If not, we’ll teach them.

Give and take…
Reap and sow…
Teach, learn, live…..

Act like a man….

Hurry up, Jesus.
I’m getting tired of waiting
I’m tired of being tired….

Can’t you do something….?
Oh…thats right.
You already did.

Guess you feel foolish, now.
I don’t blame you.
I blame us.

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