What’s The Point?

Why do some people propogate lies and stoke the rumor mills?wpid-1421967083955.jpg

In America, we are currently under the assumptions [plural], provided by our friendly neighborhood fear mongers, that:

A) The U.N is preparing to govern and police our country under martial law.

B) The state of Texas is preparing to repel American troops from all branches of our armed services, up and to, including our special forces, from removing Texas’ rights and priveleges as a sovereign state.

download (2)
C) The U.S government is considering restoring the land that was taken from Mexico during the Mexican-American war, ranging from Texas to Washington state in a area known as “Aztlan”;  the legendary ancestral home of the Aztec peoples. Aztecah is the Nahuatl word for “people from Aztlan“.

Oh, remember this word “Jade Helm

Oh, and for the record: I believe all of it. Know why…?

Because it’s just crazy enough….

 Various Other Headlines:panic

1) Evidence Texas Floods and Loss of Life Caused by Weather Weapons/ Evidence Texas Flooding Caused by Aerosol Dumps and Weather Weapons. On 5/25 at approximately1200 UTC, notice the explosion of aerosol dumps that persist…c/o CHEMTRAILSPLANET.NET

2) Hundreds Of Miles Of Razor Wire For Aztlan Fence With Colorado Divided Or FEMA Camps For Those…Are the hundreds of miles of razor wire in Colorado going to be used to imprison Americans in FEMA camps or separate America from Aztlan Mexico, and divide…c/o ALLNEWSPIPELINE.COM

3) The U.N. Is Prepared To Rule The U.S. Under Martial Law- Army Mobilizing In October -…Listen at the beginning when the leader of the U.N. claims that ‘small arms weapons (that’s handguns in non-Asian) truly are weapons of mass destruction.’ The U.N. has…c/o CONSCIOUSLYENLIGHTENED.COM

4) MEXICAN SPECIAL FORCES TO JOIN JADE HELM…..From Bravo Von Miller- channel- fair use: ]]]Mexican special forces to join CANADIAN forces along with whomever else is on board- with this enormous Jade Helm “…c/o YOUTUBE.COM

5) Obama Signs Executive Order Permanently Implementing Martial Law….Mr. Conservative is the top website for news, political cartoons, breaking news, republican election news, conservative facts and commentary on political elections.c/o MRCONSERVATIVE.COM

6) Retired Army officer warns: DHS preparing for war against American citizens…On Saturday, Terry M. Hestilow, a retired United States Army Captain from Fort Worth, Texas, posted a letter…c/o WWW.EXAMINER.COM

7) Muslims Are OUTRAGED After Florida Senate Approves Anti-Shariah Bill….c/o AMERICANNEWS.COM
8) Proof Of Operation Jade Helm FEMA Coffins….Don’t worry, they say, yet here is video evidence of the FEMA coffins being shipped around the U.S. in preparation for the sinister plan Operation Jade Helm …c/o YOUTUBE.COM

That’s as much as I wanna add about all this crap, it just goes on and on and on….


I never understand what these conspiracy theorists are trying to accomplish. I mean, if they’re scaring people to manipulate the markets as in to influence them to buy more survival products such as food storage, ammunition, guns, water, shelters, emergency preparedness supplies, communication equipment, “off the grid” equipment and capabilities, yada yada yada yada…..ad infinitum….

I don’t understand why they wanna scare us….

I have an idea why, but that’s my inner conspirasist talking……

But, let me give it a shot, using my pell grant funded associates degree level fountain of knowledge.

First thing, I’m just curious….

Have any of y’all actually ever used algebra? I mean, like, in real life?

Me either, unless in this form; ” A+b = c me beatin’ yo ass!” ha!

Arithmetic and sarcasm…..great bedfellows.

Sorry. I get side tracked easily; ADHD and all that….

Back to the conspiracy theories I just made up….

A) Mexico has no choice but to attack the US.

images (11)

Mexico and their/our Latin American neighbors that have been funded and trained by the US military and covert ops forces for decades will make incursions across the so-called secure American border-line to force the US Government to come to a point where they will have to make the choices on whether to defend the border with military reprisal, come to the bargaining table to make revisions and compromise to avoid wide scale bloodshed and international unpopulairty. It’ll kinda be like whats currently happening in the Ukraine.

Oh, by the way; the US Government wants this to happen.

It’ll be a politically charged Mexican stand-off, literally.

B) Russia will invade North America in a classic “pincer movement” thru Alaska, the Nunavut Territory in Upper Canada and Greenland…..and stop.

Stalemate. Forced diplomacy.

We’ll have to agree to meet them on their terms just to get them to leave….and it’ll cost us and them but, we’ll give up more concessions because we have more to give and more to lose.

Our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness.
You see, the “American way of life” is the prenultimate reality for us.

download (1)

Little league baseball, college football, dirt track racin’, fishin’ on Sundays, goin, to church before fishin’; any church we want I might add; a drive to get a banana split, a country side amble, ignoring our right to vote but insisiting on our right to desecrate and burn our flag in protest, the right to desecrate and burn a small town every now and again to give the left leaning media something to do…..or argue unceasingly about things that should be common sense and easy to discern……like sex reassignment and smoking pot in the privacy of our own home.

images (13)

I’m doing a little tepid research as I’m writing this and heres an interesting couple of blogs that may give you Americans that are reading this something to make you think….

Here’s a question I have thought of every once in a while, for no apparent reason, other than a healthy fear that has been nurtured thru years of disaster movies, conspiracy theories, George Orwell and our American media….

“Why won’t other countries invade the US?”

Give these a look

Grey Weirdo


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