30 Day Writing Challenge; Treyzguy Style

I accept this 30 day Writing Challenge from Klnikolovas’ Blog because I get where Klnikolova is coming from….

I’ve been in bad places and I’ve been in some good places.

I guess I could say that my life is a happy medium, the bad and good balances out to make my life interesting and gives me just enough bad to make me truly appreciate and recognize the good when it happens.

Kinda weird though….

Like Klnikolova I too was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder years ago, with a dash of manic depressive mood swings thrown in for good measure. And after having no luck with the crazy medicine they kept pushing on me (3 suicide attempts in 2 months) I quit taking it and realized that I was just having a bad year.

But, I have been in enough psyche wards, too many; I really love the little socks and Jell-o they give you, Like I was saying, I’ve been a guest at the padded hotels to understand that this stuff is real and comes in as many shapes, forms and fashions as we humans do.

Some not so terrible as others; some, almost evil and definitely real to the poor soul it is happening to.

I guess that’s the real misconception and misunderstanding surrounding us that stygmatizes mentally ill people….

It is real to them and not to us….”It’s all in your head”.

…yeah……it is.

I am in a good place now, for the moment; and I hope I stay here for a bit so, in support of Klnikolova and the challenge, I will do the “thing”. Plus, it’ll be fun and a happy change.

I think y’all oughta give it a shot until all this rampant writers block pandemic passes and our creativity has returned….LOL!

30 Day Writing Challenge

Daily List

Day 1: Name 10 things that make you really happy

Okay, I’m not falling for this trap.

I’m gonna avoid the obvious answers like; God, my kids, my church, my sports team winning and so on…

That gets boring, redundant and expected….except for the God part, my kids part, my church part, my sports team not winning isn’t that big a disaster, not really….Sorry God, just doing it a little different. I do appreciate what you go thru and have to deal with…

I’m not gonna do this in any type of order, I treat all things that make me happy a bonus.

1 Happy) Perfectly prepared Lobster Tail….
How do I explain the level of happy that a steaming Lobster tail sitting in front of me on a big plate with the melted, hot butter and garlic sitting in a bowl close to my left hand, gives me….
Oh, then they bring the frosty pitcher of beer….
This makes me extremely happy.Lobster-Dinner-psd91952

2 Happy) Lottery tickets that actually award me more than I spent on them.
I don’t do lottery tickets or the Powerball or any type of Gambling, really. I’ve never actually seen the sense in throwing away perfectly good money over something that is chance or not a sure thing. I know I’m missing the whole concept of what gambling is but, I’ve always been able to walk away from that sort of thing.
But, when I do buy one and come out on top….this makes me extremely happy.

3 Happy) My Wife walking around the house in one of my shirts with nothing on underneath and is busily walking amidst the bottom lowest kitchen drawers, supposedly looking for mysterious implements and “mouse traps”….
I know what she’s trying to do……Hold on, I’ll be back in a second….
Okay, I’m back and I am extremely happy, although the headboard came loose for some reason….
My wife snores….

4 Happy) Reading the above #3 to my wife and tormenting her.
That makes me extremely happy….

5 Happy) Finding socks that match or just finding socks of the same size and particular pattern.
This makes me extremely happy and I give burnt offering.

6 Happy) Finding something that my wife has been looking for over the span of anywhere between 2 days or two years in the exact spot I told her to look for it in the first place.

7 Happy) Being right about everything and proving it.
I love being right…
My favorite words are “I told you” or “Like I said” or “You’re a dumbass”
Oh and the thing I was right about ALL OF THE TIME and the person it is associated with has differing levels and intensities of satisfaction….
When I am right about something where my little Missus is concerned, it borders on orgasmic.
This makes me extremely happy and makes me raise a joyful noise….

8 Happy) Tormenting my wife.

Honey Biscuit go nite nite
Honey Biscuit go nite nite

I tease my poor wife relentlessly. This is something I do all day, everyday. First thing in the morning to edge of sleepy time. It’s as much a part of my personality as my nymphomania is….I HAVE TO FUCKING DO IT….HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Get it?! Nymphomania and HAVE TO FU……DO IT!

I amaze myself sometimes with my witicisms (Is that how you spell it?)

9 Happy) Writing an entire post and not having one mistake on the spell checker or grammar checking thingy…
This makes me extremely happy and is not applicable for this particular post (see above “witicisms”)

10 Happy) My Kids…
I had to say it.
I’d be nothing without them as a part of my life.
I am always hoping that our relationship will get better and better in the future.
Thinking, praying and hoping for this….
This makes me extremely happy.

Stephanie 1990?

This was fun.
Thanks for reading.

Ryan and Logan 1992?

Check back tomorrow for #2 on the list:

“Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot”

Chiao Mein….

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