Church Killer In South Carolina

Why do you let bad things happen to good people, God?

Was that your first or second thought when you heard about this?

They will be taking our guns soon.

Horrific instances like this add creedance to their intent. “If you take away the tools for destruction, it greatly reduces the damage” But how do we guard against people that are crazy?

How do they get the guns in the first place?

It is our right to bear arms, of course, to defend ourselves against enemies foreign and domestic, to arm ourselves against tyranny or an oppressive government, but to fear inside a church…..any church? A place of worship, a place of sanctuary?

Now, we sit in a movie theatre wondering if there is a madman among the viewers with the intent to massacre.

Now we will sit in church and fear new comers, people off the street that just so happen to honestly need a churchs comfort at the moment, but will be met by suspicion and mistrust. How can the spirit of the Lord shine thru such darkness?

We are only men, human, after-all.

We are weak, we fear death, we fear strangers.

We are animals….

Not all men’s faith is stalwart to the point where one accepts his extermination at the hands of a madman with little consternation or acceptance as providence or the will of God.

They will be coming for our guns soon and how can we argue? I mean seriously…

We’re men. You take our guns, we’ll kill ya with a sling shot.

You cannot protect us against ourselves.

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