You Are Not Me, and that’s OK.

I will tolerate you, if you’ll tolerate me.

I’ll accept your opinion, if you’ll accept mine.

I’ll judge you like you’ll judge me….

Fair enough?


What if, what was applied to you, was applied to me?

Let’s swap opinions and really act like they’re our actual ones, just to see what happens.

“Man, you’ve done a complete 360…” They’ll say “I had no idea you felt that way”

“I changed my mind” you’ll say, extending the farce.

But then you get to reflecting on the whole mad experiment of swapping the opinions.

To make it believable you had to argue the point, to defend your stance.

To make it believable you had to convince the other people that you are right and you are justified in your opinion!

Try the experiment, even if you put it on paper.

Take out your diary or your journal….or do like me and start a world renowned blog; now, take a subject, any subject…say, along the lines of anything you have a strong opinion against.

As for one example, I don’t agree with gay marriage.

I have friends that are gay so I don’t voice my opinion, which is only an opinion, out of love for them.

If they wanna throw their lives away by getting joined in a ritual that has absolutely no meaning anymore, except on paper and be legally bound to another, go for it.

Ill bet some of the poor sots will be sucking wind when they realize that the divorce, IS legal….and binding…

I don’t see the big deal.

Go in the woods, prick your fingers, mingle blood, dance around a tree and say “I marry you” 3 times.

Poof! You’re married!

If you actually love each other you won’t need any paper saying your hitched and if you actually love each other you don’t have to worry about being financially secure later in life.

You’ll have it all planned out, just like millions of straight, unwed couples all over the world!

Marriage is in the heart and soul.

Sorry, got side tracked;
As I was saying, earlier.

Swap your opinion with someone else’s, then defend it as if you own it.

Defend it faithfully and honestly and you will start to see something….odd; from your usual perspective.

I’m not gonna give it away but, it’s like this:
You might not change your mind about your “real” opinion, or even entertained the possibility but, you’ll actually think to yourself “What’s the big deal? I can actually see where they’re coming from, kinda; why was I getting so upset about that crap!?”

That’s a new idea for posting ideas for my blog, at least.

I will be 2 people.

I will be me. I will be thee; meaning you as my differing opinion.

I will give my opinion to thee, then I’ll give “thee” opinion to me.


I will argue
I will defend
I will feign ignorance
I will feign arrogance
I will tell thee that you’re full of crap!
Thee will punch me in the mouth!

Then, we will calm down, hash things out, come to the decision to “agree to disagree” but still love one another.

I will cure myself a little more with each argument.

Argue a point that isn’t yours and see the point of it.

If I wanna be a better person to my fellow man, without compromising my own values, I gotta try anything!

That’s only my opinion.

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