AA Step 8

I changed the title from “Reply to C” to the above.

I think I’m missing the point of the AA Step 8….

Making Amends….

Nice to hear from you to, C. After what…14 years?

In response to your much appreciated comments about my post “Yesterday, When I Was Young”…

Didn’t you know that my entire life is fiction?

I made it all up.

It never happened.

Don’t you remember telling me I’d be a good writer some day?

You know what?

I have forgiven you.

But guess what else?

I’m a writer of sorts and my entire life is fiction, you said so yourself.

None of the crap I wrote about ever took place, did it?

There’s a lot of stuff that didn’t happen like you remember, either.

Did it?

Unfortunately, there were other people there that do, so…

They. Remember.

And they told the fiction writer.

And I wrote it down….

Yes, I write fiction, I deal in lies and half truths…I create world’s like I want because the one you set me on was too true to behold.

I couldn’t look at it….

Something else….before I say goodbye.

I have a delete button and an eraser to deal with you now.

Evidently, all those years in the bottom of all the thousands of endless bottles didn’t do the job.

I wonder why….?

I delete thee….from my story   *click*

I erase thee…from my fiction  *rub rub psssssh*

I hope God judges you justly.

I forgive you but, that has absolutely nothing to do with hoping it hurts when you die.

That, was fiction.

I can’t deal with what you made me so…

I write and blame everyone else for my faults.

Ha! If there’s one thing I’m good at is blaming myself! Ask anybody that knows me!

Read ALL OF MY POSTS and you will see….

I blame me.

Oh, before I forget…

I’m too old to lie, and I don’t give a crap if you like it or not.

Why should I?

I have nothing to gain by staining your “good name” ….


Besides, I’ve spoken to you like 3 times in 20 years.

You don’t know me.

So, here’s a thought.

Kiss my ass, “Mom”.

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