In the Hands of Man

This may seem like a simple, cute video but, if you really look at it and ponder on it you will feel the power of it.


A small bird, a man with “scary tattoos”; both showing patience, one showing complete trust with no fear, one showing gentleness and most likely love.

If fear of man is inate in the animal world it is because they have learned to fear by man’s own actions.

It is the same amongst our species.

Fear of one another is not, inate or genetic.

It’s a “learned” behavior…

What I have learned to do is hate, fear, mistrust and be wary of people I do not know or are strange to me or even worse, are a different color.

It takes forever to unlearn hate….its kinda like a blood stain, really.

What kind of beautiful life would it be, could it be, if when two different humans met and… “both showed patience, both show complete trust with no fear, both show gentleness and most likely love.

Watch the video and ponder the possibility of what two gentle hands, without hate, fear, mistrust or racial bias can, could create…

Not in our lifetime…

But maybe….one day.

P.S Did you notice that the sound of the water adds another dimension to it? Think about it

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