Where I Was, that day…

Old Me-“Runnin’ behind ain’t you?”

“We’re not working today” *Pause*
“Dude, ain’t you seen the TV this morning?”

Old Me-“No, why?”

“You know those big towers in NYC, the World Trade Centers?”

Old Me- “Yeah….why?”

“They’re gone”

New Me-“….what do you mean, gone?”


That’s how I found out, that morning, September 11th, 2001. Standing on a sidewalk in Ogden, Utah watching silent  cars go by. People on their porches, people in their yards looking into the sky.


The skies were clear. Not a plane to be seen….but, they might be hiding in the clouds

I saw a woman pull her car over to the wrong curb. She had a phone to her ear.

She dropped her phone and screamed….

This had to be a dream…

I’ve never seen anyone really scream in real life, not the real kind of scream; where spit flies out of your mouth and you bite thru your tongue….

I ran to my elderly neighbors house and sat on the sofa watching planes crash and people falling from the sky.

The old man said “Why couldn’t I have died before this?

“Not again, just like Pearl Harbor” said Mrs nice old lady.


That’s when I got scared.

I almost screamed. The biting kind….

Instead, We held hands, talked to Jesus…..and cried.

“A date which shall live in infamy” said FDR

“Just like Pearl Harbor” she had said.

“Let’s roll ” said a man on Flight 93

Think about that.

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