I Am…Hell,I have no idea.

Snippets of wisdom that fell from the sky and landed on my brow….

Yes, I believe I am gay.


I definitely have homosapien tendencies.

I will share these with you now, please contemplate the implications…

I hate being serious all of the time….

1) If patience is a virtue, I can’t wait.

2) The only thing I hate about being a hypochondriac is being sick all of the time.



4) Don’t push old people down the steps at church when they get in your way. It’s rude…

5) It’s ironic that our forefathers and ancestors stole the land from the “Indians” and now they own all of the motels and convenience stores….

6) If it takes time to know her, you’re not using the right dosage.

7) Don’t push old people into the street during rush hour. It’s frowned upon….


8) Hug a police officer. Don’t grab his ass though, they hate that.

9) If you need time to make up your mind you haven’t considered it properly so, sleep on it.

10) Don’t give old people peanut butter. It’s hilarious!

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