Political Analysis from A Hack

I guess that I’m either multi-politically confused or exist in a highly astute temporal zone where all political or Government speak make perfect sense.

In my observations of the ongoing and seemingly endless drone of “political” commentary that is constantly emanating from our bestest, most respected political pundit spouting critics on the internet, television or satellite “radio waves” (aka Mind Control waves from space) I have reached this conclusion:

We are screwed.

There is no God, anymore. That’s our first problem.
There is no family values, as once were. #2
There is no sense of community, because of the damn Mexicans, niggers and rag-heads moving into the neighborhood. #3
There is too much free stuff that actually cost too much but, the great thing is, somebody you don’t know is paying for it.

But hey! Guess what!?
You can actually kinda bitch about that, because trust me when I say that you may be a little better off than someone else in this country and you’re paying their share, regardless if they need it or not, they might just happen to be looking for that one good paying job that doesn’t require any experience, education or aptitude.
They ain’t gonna pick no damn vegetables or wash dishes for a damn living!
They get more from food stamps and welfare checks!

“Crank out another baby, honey! We need another $200  month to cover the insurance on the escalade and that touch-up for my tattoo.”

I’ve only been alive for 51 years and it’s all going to hell in a hay basket.
Here’s a thought…
It’s kind of universal.
I’m going to solve the worlds problems, right now.

1) Follow the Golden Rule, it’s so simple. Maybe that’s the problem…
2) Follow the Buddhist 8 Fold Path to enlightenment. Too easy?
3) For 2 years, make everything in the world that we need to live, $1 per item; i.e., 1 food=$1, 1 bottle of water=$1, 1 bedroom 1 bath house=$1; 2 bedroom = $2 and so on.
a)National debt eliminated in 2 years.
4) For luxury items, such as booze, smokes, dope, boats, casinos, porno stores, hookers, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, NBA, NHL,FICA, MLS…. etc…you get the  point. Charge like hell and over tax the shit outta them!
a) I can see how a “sin” tax could work. If you wanna play, you gotta pay!
Seriously, 2 years!
I’ll guarantee you that people will learn to appreciate what they have a lot more, unnecessary waste will end, recycling will become a religious act and the lost sense of community will return, not in a socialistic fashion but a communalist type of lifestyle. Making each other strong.

Let me interrupt my tirade for a minute and set some things straight before you get the wrong idea of what I’m trying to say.

Yeah! Right! Bahahaha!

I am not a communist.
I am not a socialist
I am not a democrat
I am not a republican
I am not a liberal, nor am I a right wing wacko.
I am definitely not from the left, wherever the fuck that is….
Yeah, I know, opposite of my right, ha ha ha….
Smart asses.
Now, focus people.

I am a simple, somewhat law-abiding, occasional tax evading, bubble-gum shoplifting, grape sneaking muncher while at the grocery store, NY Yankee hating, rebel flag waving, American Flag salutin’, Pledge of allegiance spouting, Star Spangled banner screaming, Southern born AMERICAN!!!

Just like everybody else in this great, fucked up country of ours.

Except for the Northern aggressors….

Yeah….it seems bad now but, we are still the best hope for the world if we  could just leave the world alone.

They’ve been killing each other for a lot longer than we’ve been around. Hell, they’ve had wars that lasted longer than our history as a nation. Hell, they’ve got vases, chairs, toilets and sex toys older than America!


Stupid illegals....

We’ve only been around for 250 years or so, people, give or take differing historical claims.

China, the Middle East, Russia and Africa have all had thousands of years of civilization and cultural experience on us and look…..

With all of their art, poetry, government, philosophy and religious disciplines, they still haven’t accomplished what a few rag tag collection of misfits and woe-begons from a small island were able to conjure from thin air; and in an amazingly short period of time to become THE world power.

A shining light on the hill.
A beacon of hope and liberty
A melting pot assimilates the ingredients into a fine meal.
A nation on fire…

It doesn’t matter that they practically wiped out an entire race of people to accomplish this.
“Step aside, Tonto; this is my house!” “Oh, we need your help to kill the British.”
“Payment? Why yes, we have some nice blankets left over from the pox victims you can have”
It was all in the name of God and country….MANIFEST DESTINY, after all.

We cannot fix all of this stuff that is wrong with our world.
We have forgotten about God, Family and our responsibilities as stewards of our world.
We cannot go back to how it was because we have forgotten how it was and only “exist” now; to make ends meet, despite the fact that the way it is all set up in this country that there is NO END IN SIGHT.

As I drive across this country, I have hours and days and weeks to think about our nation, our world; the things that concern me or just happen to pop into my head.

Here’s some of the things I see all over this country and, its no bullshit.

What the heck!!?


1) There is lots and lots and lots of room. EVERYWHERE

2) They say unemployment is up, that there are no jobs. I see hundreds and hundreds of job postings hanging on buildings, fences and signs every month, EVERYWHERE.

3) There are abandoned, vacated buildings for sale, lease or rent all over this country that are not being used in any shape, form or fashion, for anything, sitting right next to a construction site for a new building that looks just like the empty ones that stare at you when you drive by on the interstate. EVERYWHERE

Homeless houses?
VA homes?
Immigrant housing OR education to become legal folks?
Simple to moderate self sustaining penal facilities.
College expansion?
Grain storage?

I mean, HELL!!! there’s wasted shit all over the place!

There are some unsold car lots in a few states that will blow your mind and they take miles to drive past, and they’re still building the same cars and turning them out!

Funny thing is, China won’t buy them, won’t even allow our cars in China but, we buy the shit outta their crap!
I wonder if  a thrifty Chinese shopper makes a face when they look at a tag that says “Made In America”.
The last time I saw anything that was made in America other than people was a long, long time ago.
I saw a beautifully, weathered, classic patina American Flag in Texas the other day…..Made in Pakistan

Y'all know any Skynrd!?

There is an airplane graveyard in Southern Arizona that will boggle your mind….Google Earth. Trust me on this

Waste not, want not.
So, why are we always wanting?

The only problem is…..welfare is easy and besides…..we’re getting lazy.

Don’t hiss at me, you know this is all true!

We haven’t been hungry, scared or wanted for anything in a long time.
Remember the roaring 20’s? The one after the first world war? First, we starved…then we made movies and new dances.
The 50’s? Right after WW2 and Korea. First, we were scared…then we bought Chevy’s and made babies.
Viet Nam? Got our asses kicked by our own government without ever shooting a single one of them. Then…we got Disco and Reagan….

I don’t know what God’s gonna do with us.
I mean, its in the Bible supposedly but, that part is being hidden by the Catholics….or is it the Jews….I don’t know.
If we could just figure out what John was trying to say in Revelations with a little more clarity and insight, we may get an idea of what the 2000 year ago apostle was trying to explain how he saw things and relate them for us future folks.
I guess if I had never seen a helicopter shooting missiles, I might assume that it was a dragon spouting fire….

It’s all in the translation and interpretation, baby.

I don’t think God is gonna put up with us much longer, besides….

With our history and predilection to reliving our own past and mistakes over and over; if we went back to God and faith, it would become another inquisition and extremist zealous fervor that would be unmatched by any previous era.

You think Sharia law or Mosaic law is bad and antiquated?
Answer me this Batman….
How long ago was it that we were burning witches in Massachusetts?

16 year old Witch

Hmmm…now you’re starting to see.

We are at an imbalance.
It is time for a miracle, or an asteroid.
It is time to admit that we are not supreme, we are not all there is to this.
It is time to realize that if we were meant to be alone, why are there so many of us?
Cancer, you say?

Maybe we are the antibodies.
Just gotta trust in the Great Physician and get the dosage right.

“I grew up knowing it’s wrong to have more than you need. It means you’re not taking care of your people”

“Coyote is always out there waiting, and coyote is always hungry”
-Navajo Proverbs

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