New Stuff

I took my old trusty laptop, the one I have used for the last 4 years and during my WordPress participation, to have repairs made on it.

Sadly, it passed away from complications during the procedures.

Somehow, a “random, really weird” power surge or static something or other, fried it.

Thank goodness for WordPress archives, my 1 terabyte external hard-drive and my Google account back-up, backing up when I didn’t know it was…

Well, so long old friend. Your lengthy illness and subsequent demise has kept me from posting stories on WordPress as prolifically as usual.

The world screams for my art.

All 644 of them.

So, I had an opportunity to buy another laptop so I could continue to post my inane contributions to WP, and since I crave attention and praise, I had no choice.

I have a new laptop.

It has Windows 10…

I have no idea where anything is.

I miss you, last laptop.

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