Woman Beautiful

I have a sister that works in a place that counsels and protects abused women.

She asked me to find a quote or something that she can read to her “patients” to make them feel better, to give them just a little bit of comfort. If even for a minute.

I wonder why she asked me?
I mean, I’m not perfect but, she also knows that I am very respectful of women and a huge, huge fan of mom’s everywhere.

Besides, I also know who the dominant species is on this earth. And when the shit hits the fan and they finally have had it with our trivial bullshit and take over the world, I wanna be on the good list…

For Anna’s new friends.


I am a man.

I am not your enemy.

I come in peace.

You know…there actually ARE men that have NO concept of abusing women.

YES, there are men that fear women but, in a good way, like me!

It is not you, sweeties .

You are not here because of you.

You are not broken because of you.

You are not here because you suck at picking a man.

You are here because you know how to fight.

You are here because you know there is a better way to live and that you have options.
No…forget that.

You can’t, or I’ll say, shouldn’t kill the bastard.

Murder is wrong; and besides, it’s better to stay out of prison, live a long life and enjoy the revenge of doing better than anyone can believe was possible for you.

Here is a quote I like:
“Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can never hurt you…unless you believe them.”

It is hard to find words to comfort you when I can’t conceive of, or imagine, putting my hands on a woman or cutting her with my words.

I know you aren’t China dolls.

I know you aren’t just a pretty thing to look at…or touch.

I know that you are a person with dreams, feelings and sadly, a bruised and broken heart…

But, if it’s OK with y’all, I’ll just go on worshipping you in my own selfish way.

I know, I speak with some authority on abused women.

I was a child in a home that had a mentally abusive husband; my dear old dad.

I watched my mom during these times wondering why she just stood there, why she didn’t fight back or holler back or hit him or kill the asshole in his sleep.

I know why now of course; it’s because women think of others first. Women think of the children, the family; yes, even the prick husband.

I can fix this….she thinks.

It must be her.

How dare you try to love people.

How dare you try your best to be a wife and mom.

How dare you…

You are not here because you are not perfect.

Hey! Weird! Neither am the rest of us!

You are not here because you gave up.

You are not here because you can’t go on.

You are here because you took the step…

An abuser hates nothing more than being ignored and shown contempt by his victim, at least my dear old dad hated it.

I say, Good for you.

Contempt, the bastard.
Ignore, the bastard.

You are here because you are finally free.


Hey. Look at y’all!
You’re awesome after-all!

From, A Fan.

7 thoughts on “Woman Beautiful”

  1. You’re right. Words can hurt you…if you believe them. I learned that lesson during my marriage, due to an mentally and emotionally abusive husband, believing that I was inept and wrong. Then, one day, I totally rebelled. It had its consequences…divorce, no money, no job until I moved to the nearest large town and started my life again. Expressing your respect for women is a huge plus for these ladies. Let us hope they believe your words.

  2. When we take over the world, you’ll be safe. Shouldn’t be too long now.We’ve been busy plotting for six months.
    Hugs and love to the women who’ve made good their escape, to your sister and those who work to make it possible and to you guys who get that women are people too.(Bearing in mind that some women are the abusers. They weren’t at the meetings.)

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