Indian Giver

Indian giver is an American expression to describe a person who gives a gift (literal or figurative) and later wants it back, or something equivalent in return. It is based on the experiences of early European settlers and pioneers like Lewis and Clark when trading with Native Americans. [Google]

Do not give me hope because I cannot accept it with good grace or a straight face.

Do not give me hope and expect likewise in return, for I haven’t any of mine own….it’s all borrowed.

Do not give me hope because it doesn’t really exist; as a matter of fact, hope, in its corporeal form, it is called fantasy.

Pipe dream.

It’s okay if you want to give me hope then take it away because, I will never know the difference plus, I will continue to thrive in this, my stagnant realities….multiple, as they may become; and still have no idea what in the hell is going on.

Do not give me hope and piss on my boot; well go ahead, at least that’s real.

Do not give me hope if you have little of your own; tis’ endangered, hard to keep alive, treasured….

Like a hamster….

Do not give me hope if you have to lie to make it real….

There is a rabbit in the hat….I just know it!shutterstock_46365388

Hope is mentioned in the Bible 129 times…

Even the Bible has little hope.

Give me a desire of some good, accompanied with at least a slight expectation of obtaining it, or a belief that it is obtainable.

Wait….that’s hope.

Hope always gives pleasure or joy; whereas wish and desire may produce or be accompanied with pain and anxiety.

So, what your saying is, is that nothing happens when hope is dashed, is that what you’re trying to blow up my ass?

Because let me “splain” something to ya, Hoss….

Hope kills.

I’ve seen it happen to others.


There is no human vocal manipulation that can describe the actual pain of hope dying.

It is hard to watch hope burn but, you can’t look away….

Poetry cannot kill hope

Music cannot kill hope

“There’s no hope” whispered into a mans heart, kills; the blackest of death.

Just a breath of a killing word to just the right heart string and “poof”

Dies like flies….wpid-20150109_063ii455-picsay.jpg

Do not give me hope, Indian Giver…

Do not give me hope and expect it in return because, my hope is not real.

My hope is magic….

My hope is a ghost.

My hope is a contradiction unto itself for, it’s never really been mine.

An oxymoron?

My hope has always been on loan from others that do not see that there is no way out for me; because they hope.

They say “I hope he finds his way, he is such a good man to be so troubled”

Oh my God…..

I am lost……

…..looking for a hope that I will not recognize.

Good thing I have faith, in everything that is beautiful.

Faith, I have.animanshandsholdingwater

I have killed hope, sometimes.

Like I’ve said, I have seen it die.

Like flies….

But, faith lingers; even when hope has gone.

Explain that….

“I hope you can” or “I have faith you can”

Choose, and live.





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