Afraid Of My Shadow


 Can I go outside to check the mail, despite the terrorists lying in wait behind my Prius; just dying to blow themselves up or saw my head off? 

They’re everywhere. 

Probably raping and pillaging at the Walmart, right as we speak. 

Can I go outside and check the mail, without getting skin cancer from a dying sun that pours deadly UV rays thru our Swiss cheese ozone layer, that is caused by bushy, bushy blonde hair-dos and their gravity defying gradients? 

Can I go outside to check the mail without getting Type 2 diabetes?

Can I go outside to check the mail without locking my house and jacking a live round into my somewhat lawfully acquired, legal, 2nd Amendment protected concealed carry firearm? 

“It’s an 88 Megnum; it shoots thru schools”

Can I go outside to check the mail or did they email it? 

Well, if they did email it at least I won’t have to go outside. 

Staring at a computer screen will give you cancer or worse; make me gay! 

I might get hit by a driverless auto-car. 

There’s freaking drones out there too, man! 

(3 hrs later) 

Can y’all believe I just seen a blue butterfly? 

 ….in the summer. 

….in Texas? 

I started out this post feeling a little overwhelmed with life this morning. 

Then, I saw the blue butterfly. 

It landed on my semi-trucks mirror and just stared at me. 

I stared back. 

It fluttered it’s wings.

He didn’t say anything so we just sat there… 

I forgot what I was writing about. 

Stupid angels. 

Messed up a perfectly miserable post. 

Guess I’ll have to be in a good mood then… 


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