There Be Monsters

For those of you that have followed my humble blog for the past 3 years or so, y’all know that I am a truck driver and go all over this country.

Most of my history as a trucker is spent seeing beautiful places and beautiful faces; y’all have no idea.

I see mountains in mist, the sun melting on waves, the moon dancing on clouds and the occasional rainbow that grows from a cornfield and smells like fresh dirt and hope.

It’s a beautiful world.

But… all sincerity

As a trucker, yes; I have road rage.

I admit that I have fantasized about killing inconsiderate people with vehicular homicide and extreme prejudice; albeit justifiable.

I have dreamed about creating a video game where I can kill  said, inconsiderate drivers without all that annoying screaming, the irritating screeching of brakes, the offensive smell of hot rubber, the aggravating smashing of glass, the irritating rending of twisted metal and the obvious smell of shit…..but, with satisfaction; albeit virtual satisfaction.

I also see thousands of flyers about missing children….

Every fucking day I see them……..

I’m sure y’all have seen them to; how could you not?

They’re everywhere………

I try to memorize them.

You know what? I took pictures of them to keep in a folder inside my truck; before cell phones; since 1991; still do.

I took notes off the flyers; still do.

I stared at the sad pictures, trying to burn the images into my brain; making mental calculations on years missing and how these missing kids may have changed and might look now if I may hopefully bump into them at a Walmart somewhere.

“Hey! Aren’t you…so and so?!”

Like most of humanity, I’d stare and think “Where are you at?”

What could steal a child?

“God, make me a super hero so I can find the lost children”

What would rape a child?

“God, let me win millions of dollars and I will spend the rest of my life hunting for these kids”

What would kill a child?

“Lord, let me hunt down the monsters….and I will destroy them”


“Heavenly Father….please…..please….let me find the children”

God….why do you let this happen?

God knows, There be monsters.


I have been looking for Jacob Wetterling for 27 years

I know his face.

I know the story….

Look it up: Jacob

They found the monster first; the FBI.

The monster had dirty pictures of kids.

He also jokingly told the FBI that “I might be a dirty old man but, I ain’t kilt nobody” quote…..

No, Mr Monster…I’m a dirty old man; big difference.

No, Danny James Heinrich; you are the worst kind of monster. An eater of the innocent.

Back in 1990, He said “I ain’t seen nobody named Jacob Wetterling”

Then, in 2016, the FBI was desperate; “Just tell us where the boy is and we won’t kill you”

The monster took them to Jacob…..

Fucking coward.

All of a sudden, he remembered….”Oh, that boy”

They Id’d Jacob by his teeth.

In 1989, the monster stole him from a dirt road in rural Minnesota; stole him in front of his little brother and best friend.

The worst part? He left Jake’s bike in the ditch….

I wonder if they still think about that day….Jake’s little brother and best friend?

Probably so but, it probably involves them waking up screaming, drenched in sweat, looking under the bed.

Do they shake their children by the shoulders and yell in their faces when they tell their own kids “Don’t talk to strangers”?

 Do they look in the closet before the kids go to sleep?

Do their childrens eyes get big and do they get scared when daddy acts all crazy?

“That man or woman seemed nice….”

It doesn’t matter, dammit!

There be monsters!!

You haven’t seen, what daddy’s seen”

10FED1030151“A monster stole my brother”

That monster killed Jacob Wetterling, then buried him on a farm….in the quiet, lonely dirt.

I wonder if the monster piece of shit jerks off while he thinks of killing children….

Monster of the worst sort….

For 27 years, Jacobs Mom and Dad have wondered what happened to their child.

Twenty. Seven. Years.

“Where is my child?”

I can’t even imagine what they’ve gone thru.

Why does God let this happen?

Are the parents praising or cursing God, right now?

If it was me, I’d hate God for awhile.

Maybe, forever…………

But, there’s always an out for God. A plan……..

Will the monster have access to a TV, a college degree or maybe get to learn a trade or find Jesus?

Jesus forgives…. 

Will he become a federal employee?

download (97)

I am glad that they have found Jacob.

I am mad that they have found Jacob.

I wanted to find Jacob and kill the monster.

I cannot imagine what his family is going thru this very day.

Source: According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States — that’s roughly 2,000 per day. Of those, there are 115 child “stranger abduction” cases each year, which means the child was taken by an unknown person.May 8, 2013

Oh yes….

We do not know for sure if there is a God but, we have faith that there is.

But, one damn thing is for sure……….

There be monsters.

PS: I’m glad they found you, Jake.

cudo’s FBI….



2 thoughts on “There Be Monsters”

  1. A powerful piece of writing. I’m not from the US so the numbers quoted are shocking. Thanks for making me aware of this beautiful little boy. What a cruel world we live in.

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