I am a dude….

Yes, I know what you’re thinking

Or, maybe not because yer all a bunch of sick fucks

Once again, the statement….or admonition; depends on how you look at it.

Once again……I am a dude

I have done , or tried to do, magnificent acts of physical prowess to impress a girl.

I was a superhero….am……

I was young, I was dumb and I paid the price.

There was a piper, involved…..

I won’t get into specifics about what happened exactly but, there was alcohol, cocaine and testosterone involved.

Do the meth….

Bottom line….Resultado final!

I broke my coccyx: Butt bone

Yeah, yeah….The grass was wet, I had on basketball shoes, we were jumping….it was dark, there were large breasts involved…..

Then, Trey fell down, hit his ass; then couldn’t move for 5 days.

Do you know how many muscles and other critical components are attached to the bones in yer ass?

Yer lungs, yer stomach, yer breath….basically everytime I moved I found out that my ass was involved.

Every muscle, tendon, bone and nerve is connected to yer ass…..

I did not wipe…my tooshie

I drank water so that I did not have….meaty by-products….down, there…

Comparison: I have not given birth to a child.

I am a dude.

But, let me ‘splain something to y’all….

I think I was in my early 20’s when this happpened.

When yer ass is broke, everythng is broke.

Pain is bad.

I have never experienced pain like that since, THANK YA JESUS, and its loving memory has carried on for over 20 something years.

Nowadays, when I move, and I have a crick, twinge or  spasm…

It’s my coccyx…

“OH! It’s my coccyx!!!!”

Get a glass of tea…”OH! It’s my coccyx!!!!”

Get out of my recliner…”OH! It’s my coccyx!!!!”

Make stinky in the prescence of the fairer sex….”OH! It’s my coccyx!!!!”

Pick up the grand baby to smooch it…”OH, TWO HEAVENS TO TOPEKA! It’s my coccyx!!!!”

I have a pain in my butt.

I think it’s my coccyx….





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