Kiss Me

I really don’t know why I’m writing this…

You know how long its been since I’ve had a real kiss?



I’m gonna try and remember what it was like.

The one thing that is coming thru all of my other memories is this…

My lips were never moist.

They were dry and cracked, with the anticipation, eagerness, passion….nay, the desire, I guess.

Someone actually wanted to kiss me….


Stupid ol’Trey.

I kinda remember how it felt when my lips touched hers; I prefer to recall a true love’s kiss.

I kinda remember how they brushed against each other at first. I could actually feel the ridges and dry skin rubbing against each other; the tentative explorations….and if you tried real close, there was a little smoke….

Always starting smooches slowly, as I recall. Well, the important ones.

Probably no Valentino worthy reason but, maybe slowly, to make sure that an actual real live girl was kissing me back. Not a dream but kinda like a dream…?

Maybe it was a way to prolong it…hell, I don’t know.

Because, you know, from what I do remember…..

This was years ago, like I said….

Kissing was nice.

Being kissed back though….. is….a memory to me.


It’s raining outside….

Now that I think over it, staring thru my rainy windshield, I just decided that a passionate kiss defies physics.

In my case, rubbing dry things together get wet.

Wow….a wet, sloppy kiss….

I know for sure that I can’t even remember what THAT was like.

I know it happened, because those things never leave you; only the frequencies that have occured.


I’d kill for an actual, really real kiss right now.

I do remember breathing her air; close and warm.

The smell of her; all around me; like sunlight.

The taste of her; in my soul; to the bone.

My trembling, her trembling…right under the ridges of my fingerprints; a thrumming…

…a guitar maybe, or a harp.


Sometimes, we’d actually click our teeth against each others….and giggle on each others lips.



I do remember….When I try.

Thank you lord, for these little remembrances.

They still mean a bunch, to me.

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