Usque In Finem


I will no longer be giving advice or opinions on anything e.g.: politics, religion and/or personal relationships. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I don’t care as much as I should to be believable to whomever is asking.

I care deeply about people but, only in their well-being.

Actually, all truth be told, I really, really, don’t care what anyone thinks or believes.

That’s you/them, not me.

It hurts my face to try and look interested or concerned anyhow.

As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone or affect me and mine, I could care less.

Thanks, Dad for this character trait…

Just be a good person and we’ll get along fine.

Golden rule, baby.


However, I promise I will listen for a bit out of respect for anyone’s true thoughts or opinions. That’s only the polite thing to do while I am totally zoning them out in my brain.

I will offer absolutely no opinions nor discuss anything about my religious views.

I am LDS, I will always be LDS and that’s that.

If you wanna know about my religion, Google it.

I won’t preach to you, don’t preach to me.

I am convert enough to keep myself occupied with celestial matters.

I am not a good Mormon representative anyhow; although, I do honestly try.

…..that’s what counts.

Usque in finem

Endure to the End

I abhor politics.

I loathe the media.

There is no longer any truth in Journalism. Don’t be naive…

It is dead.

My beliefs are and will be my own and do not effect the cosmos in any shape, form or fashion.

No, my one vote will never count.

Don’t continue to be naive.

I like Facebook because it is fun. Not the ads.

I like Instagram better.

I am also ADD, anti-social with borderline personality disorder.

I have papers….

So, don’t seriously listen to me anyways…

I tend to ramble.

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