Super Me


Human Trafficking Drug Cartels

Child Pornography Pedophiles Child abuse


Serial Killers & Rapists

Armed Robbers Thieves Terrorists


Dictators & Despots

The people behind it all…..

Dear God,

There is lots of bad going on down here, right now.

Well, it’s been bad for a while actually but, I’m sure you know that.

I’ve been told that you know pretty much everything.

My question is that if you know, then WHY do you let it happen?

I mean, I know what most of the leaders of the church, past and present say, that bad things happen to good people because it serves a purpose of some kind? Magnifies you in some way? Am I saying it right?

I admit, I’m not to up on this topic as I should be, it’s just that I don’t understand.

I mean I pray about it all the time. I don’t/can’t read the newspaper at all anymore, I don’t browse thru news stories on the internet and pretty much have quit using social media altogether….


I stare at the missing children bulletin boards at Walmart, trying to burn their faces and short stories into my brain, just in case I might see one of them, somewhere….someday; and save them.

In just a few of those sad descriptive lines, I can sense the desperation of a family, the loss of hope and the fact that a person/childs life has come to this….

I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like; to be a victim…

I don’t even wanna talk about how stupid war is.

I don’t care what reasons they say why it is unavoidable.

There is no reason for or in war

So, here’s my proposal to you Lord….

Make me a super-hero and I will find all of the missing children.

Make me a super-hero and I will fight evil and kill the bad guys….

I will kill them all; in your name.

Vengeance is mine saith the lord….

Well, if you’re going to continue with that stance, fine.

Here’s my stance.

Vengeance is DOING something.

You are not doing anything; at least not anything I have seen or witnessed.

Not anything that this lowly man can see; this lowly “human” that just wants to help you…and them.

I’ve never actually seen anything matching “to smite” “to bring low” “the wrath of God!” kind of stuff…..

Nothing. At. All.

My ways are not your ways….

Whatever, look…….I am just me.

You made me, you gave me free will…, there it is.

I am just a guy who whole-heartedly admits that he’s not the most religious person but, I think I’m a good person regardless!

I may have screwed up a few times but, who hasn’t and NO don’t throw Jesus in my face, there was the incident in the temple remember…?

Ok, bad example. I wasn’t there….maybe those money-lenders and such ilk needed a little righteous indignation on their heads….

Anywho, this is how I feel. You are God, I can be honest with you.

I don’t understand what you are waiting for.

Why don’t you stop all this mess?

Is it because you gave us that free will?

Well, if that’s the case, take it back. I would gladly give up my free will to live in a world where I didn’t have to worry about a child being raped or an old person being hurt.

Turn me into a sheep, please….

Save the children, protect the weak, feed the hungry.

I decided that it’s because you have all of this galaxy; this universe to worry about; that you can’t deal with us right now.

Hell, I can’t blame you really; I don’t.

Trillions and trillions of other planets…..people spread all over this universe.

I figure you’re not here anymore.

Picture a scientist in a lab.

He looks over his shoulder and spots an old petri dish that was part of an earlier experiment.

He thinks to himself that one day, he should get back to that experiment….shakes his head and gets back to his other, newer experiments.

“I gave it everything it needs to proliferate, just needs more time”

He cannot see that the culture is dying.

Feeding on itself; a new cancer.

That’s us; in that petri dish.

We’re on our own….

Lord, you gave us free will, thumbs, a moral compass, reason and worship.

Then, you left.

Places to go, people to see…..worlds to build.

I understand.

You got busy….it happens.

You said to pray always; with a broken heart and contrite spirit….

Well, my heart is broke and I’m about as contrite as contrite can get.,

Make me a super-hero.

I will be glad to help you.

I am on your side.

No, I do not understand why evil is even allowed to exist or continue but, I am not you.

I am only a man that wants to protect the innocent.

Make me a super-hero.

I will save the children. I will feed the poor. I will fight evil.

I will end wars.

I don’t even need to be able to fly.

Here’s what I need….

Control of time

Transport to any spot on earth, instantly.

Ability to sense pain and evil.

Ability to read minds

Super strength….

The gift of calling angels to assist me….(other than the priesthood)

Your permission to kill all the evildoers……kill them all….

That’s it.

Oh, and the ability to make manna and fat quail fall from heaven.

Make me a super-hero and I will help you get things back under control, Lord.

I am a God guy, I am willing to help.

Please, let me save us.

You can have all the credit.

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