The Awake Place?

I wrote this down fast, so I could tell y’all…

Who is this man that lives at the top of a mountain, in a house with a screened porch, that I visit in my dreams?

He wears glasses, is disheveled in appearance; perhaps scholarly?

He is always reading. He looks up when I come in, but never says anything, just glances up for a second, then goes back to reading.

I always sit down on a lumpy but comfy couch and start reading myself, but do not recollect what the subject of it is afterwards.

The same book or a different one?

I don’t know how long I stay because I do not notice a time change. (day or night, morning or afternoon) but, it’s always slightly raining when I take my leave.

I do not receive a glance from the reading man at my departures or I don’t notice any, I guess.

Earlier, at the beginning of my dream I guess it’s the beginning, get this; after parking at the bottom of the hill (I’m always in my big truck) I trudge up the shoulder of a 4 lane highway to his house BUT when I leave, I go down a rain soaked hillside.

I even recall that the first part has a small drop off that I must navigate. I even remember the wet GLISTENING stones I take care not to slip on as I land after the first little jump down.

The descent is not treacherous, just slippery in spots.

Now, my truck is parked in what looks like a dirt outcropping, instead of the earlier paved spot, now barely big enough for my truck to fit.

This time, when I went to start my truck, the battery is dead!

I try to let it roll forward to pop the clutch, but instead I roll backwards toward a van sitting behind me that was not there when I had parked earlier or noticed while coming down the hill.

I cranked the steering wheel to miss the van, which whomever is inside it has been apparently paying attention and moves out of the way, avoiding being hit.

I finally get the truck stopped after a second or two. Only a slight dream heart attack…

Thank God there was no huge cliff to plummet from in this dream!

Anywho, the truck is still dead and I’m wondering what I should do when I ALWAYS get a message on my phone.

It’s a Pic of the mystery man sitting on the passenger side of a car reading a book, don’t know if it’s the same one he’s always reading, there are kids all over the back seat in different poses of kid activity, and a disheveled lady at the wheel, looking at the man out of the corner of her eyes like drivers do, evidently saying something…

hmmm…no idea.

I start thinking about the truck not starting again when IN MY DREAM MIND, I say “this is just a dream, wake up” I wake up, and the truck starts just fine.

How come I can remember this dream?

Plus, it’s the only dream that I can recall that doesn’t include, falling off a cliff, falling off a Rollercoaster that is above the clouds, a tornado, or being a man that can fly but not land…?


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