For some reason, Facebook was blocking my attempt to publish my post. I don’t know why, maybe the subject. Anywho, there are ways to get around the Facebook police.

Disturbing though, now that I think about it….

Actual censorship…in America.

Well, here’s my horrible post:

It is sad and a horrible waste when people die by the hand of a madman.

Like you may have seen in your own life or even remember when you, most definitely me, went to high school every pick up truck had a gun or two of some type on a rack in the back window.

There was NEVER a shooting, at a school, supermarket or public venue. NEVER

As a matter of fact, we were too scared to even bring a pocket knife to school because we KNEW the discipline would be swift and severe. Not only would the knife be confiscated FOREVER, but yer ass would get beat by the principle, vice principle or coach THEN by a parent after you got home THEN you were grounded, probably suspended too, extra homework and then endure unfettered scorn and hilarity of yer fellow classmates.

The failure begins at home. Bottom line.

Love, guidance and respect are what creates a fine man or fine woman; not monsters.

There is always going to be mentally ill people that want to harm others.

They will do it with guns, knives, hammers, cars, bombs…anything they can find easily or get easily.

That’s the rub. Is it too easy to get a gun?

From my experience, no it’s not easy. Criminals will get guns. It’s what they do.

So no matter how strict guidelines are for the legal purchase of a gun, there will be a way to get one.

Until “they” take the guns for our own good…

Fact: A gun will not kill you without a person behind it.

Ban humans

We are more deadly than anything on earth.

We invented killing.

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