Wow….this really SUX

I am new to pandemics.

So, if I seem a little scared or unsure of myself during this recently emerging plague, please bear with me.

But something came into my little brain as I was posting mostly inane drivel on my Facebook & Twitter pages concerning our current status quo…as cognizant viral Petri dishes.

I have no Fantasy sports to concern myself with.

I cannot go to any events of which I am a fan…..which is basically everything!

For a quick reminder to some followers of mine or some newbies that may be reading me for the first time, since they probably having nothing to do outside either and are self quarantined….

I am a long haul trucker.

I haul refrigerated goods, mostly.

Today, I am at a Walmart distribution center in Ohio delivering organic chicken parts

I feel like my job is important.

But, I treat my “job” more as the “vehicle” to my many interests.

I go all over the country, yes. I use that as the opportunity it is too see lots of places that regular people will never see, go to or explore other than thru Google.

Just this past year alone, I have seen several sprint car races, minor league & major league baseball games. I actually seen a NY Yankee hit a home run….

I’ve been to the Little Big Horn, The R&R AND Country Music HOF’s, Graceland and a few spots I can’t recall without pulling up my Google photos…

Needless to say, I get to see lots of places; do lots of things.

Now….not so much, I fear.

At least not for the foreseeable future, at least things that I enjoy doing, or say I do or think I remember doing at one time, long long ago.

But this current situation has got me thinking…

What else do I enjoy that I have forgotten about because of the passage of time and advances in technology, where we don’t really have to go anywhere to experience something?

I used to do bushcraft stuff, all of the time.

I’d go outside and practice making fires by hand with just sticks & rocks. I’d make bows & arrows, traps & snares; that kind of thing.

I tied flies, I drew, I painted, I made models, I went on long hikes into the woods & mountains just to see how long I could stay quiet before it got scary.

THOUGHT: Amazing how loud your breathing is when you’re out there….alone; where trees fall silently when someone is watching.

QUICK NOTE: My baby sister is fix’n to hike the Appalachian Trail….on purpose. This terrible media hyped virus and her sabbatical from all things menial & drudge worthy couldn’t have happened at a more in/opportune time; depending on how you look at it.

She’s like, really old too.

My hero.

Shoes of success

Old people need to stay occupied; you know, have stuff to do. Stay out of us younger peoples way….

I hope she completes it the way she wants and fulfills her the way she needs.

Back to my initial thoughts…

This unfortunate time for so many; an opportunity for me?

An opportunity to remind myself that I don’t need all of this crap. A sober nod back to the days where I actually used my brain more…?

For the love of all that’s holy…

I may have to occupy myself with things that don’t need to be plugged in or it’s cache cleared.

A trail hike of my own back to creativity?

Have I been virally bombed back to my very own Stone Age?


I may have to reinvent myself…

Or rediscover.

Interesting challenge no doubt since I hardly know that guy anymore.

I guess I’ll see.

4 thoughts on “Wow….this really SUX”

  1. 1st – I am not old
    2nd – I’m really glad my third eye was wide open and saw this ‘plague’ coming even if I didn’t and had me making uncharacteristic plans for this time in my life.
    3rd- here’s to rediscovering/finding/ rediscovering ourselves when the world thinks we’re on the downhill slide to the Great Perhaps
    Very well written, Brother. Kudos.

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