It’s just a different day, on the same earth.

This is not the first time a plague has sprung from basically nowhere…

There are no coincidences

There is no time table

There is no…control.

Never has been.

We only live with the ILLUSION of control.

This is a manipulation.

This is a tweeking….

This is a study.

Isn’t it strange that there are so many “experts” for an unprecedented occurrence…from nowhere?

So many people that are learn-ed in something that has never been seen before; totally new?

It is difficult to admit that we are sheep.

“Yes sir yes sir, 3 bags full”

Why are we being told to be afraid?

Why are we being told that everything is going to be okay, for just another 30 days?

There is no time frame

There is no control

There is however, fate….

Not certainty….

Nature. Pure and simple, nature.

I don’t believe we will be here too much longer.

According to science and a fossil record that science has interpreted and endorsed (according to their own understanding) our time as a relevant species on this planet has ran its course.

Big strong man; omniscient, beautiful man.

Destroyed by something they can’t even see, hear, smell or feel…

All these fancy, smancy survival instincts don’t mean crap when the foe does not meet the criteria of foe that the big beautiful men understand AS a foe.

If we can’t behold it, what can we do.


We can do ab..so..lutely….nothing.

Until the time comes…

When nature has run its course….

Then we will know.

I say this…

It is Gods will.

….or, he won’t.

I am not scared for myself.

I am of a clear conscience.

I accept the parameters of a forgiveness that I believe in, and know that I have done my best.

I am only a man.

I don’t know what’s going to happen.

I only hope & pray that no one suffers.

It is Gods will….

I must believe this…

Or, I won’t.

I choose to believe.

That is the only control available to me.

The only thing that will keep me from losing my mind during this UNPRECEDENTED time….

…..Is my belief….

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