The Beginning of The End: Perusals

You remember when we used to wonder, what we’d miss the most when the world ended or was over or, you know…different…over?

Used to do it when we were bored or something. I mean, with all the zombie stuff & prepper websites, video games and shit, couldn’t help thinking if these ideas or speculations were crazy enough…

Like they used to say about TV; Soaps & such;sitcoms.…You can’t make this shit up.

Well…we’re here now; in a really real crazy place. We made it all by our lonesome. Our shiny pale dot is like being awake inside a dream. A dream, mind you, that hints at being a nightmare but, not quite.

Oh, side note; we’re all vegans now, by the way because all of the freaking animals that were edible are no longer offered on the menu.

Not because they’re extinct or in danger of being extinct, it’s because to be a true believer vegan, 100% vegan, we get free upgrades on our shots…

Getting ahead of myself…

It’s kinda like being in the, what can I refer to it as? Let’s call it the “awake place”.

Now, I KNOW I couldn’t make this shit up. Not even with the help of illicit pharmaceuticals, good dope, liquor or whatever. Yeah, there ain’t no more dope either. Or liquor…or medicine.

Only shots…

Hell, I was considered creative back in the day, when people cared about shit like that but creativity ain’t got a damn thing to do with anything now!

It’s all about following….

Following “Them”

The few, the very few, that pulled the strings and controlled the purse.

Created the world saving vaccinations. The shot.

Shots, plural I should correct. Wait, upgrades. My bad.

Amazing, but not really, that we all “conformed” so readily. Man, whomever planned all this shit out is…well….probably still doing it.

I know that the crazy is really real in this awake place. I look back in my minds eye where they can’t see me and try to remember what number upgrade I’m on now…6, I think. Well, I’m sure the shot people will know after they scan my eyes.

Yep, still by myself in my own head; for about 8 more minutes…I guess.

The upgrades always make me a little dizzy; off-center.

Yep, I’m in line, you see. A very long, a very slow moving line full of stupid people and sheep….A British queue from hell…with sheep…ha ha ha

The lady in front of me keeps nerve wrackingly tugging at a little locket she has around her other wrist; making me crazy. It looks kinda heart shaped but there’s no shine on it anymore. I don’t give a shit anyways, just getting on my nerves; we’ll damn, I guess I do care if it gets on my nerves, right?

Knew a girl in high school had one, but hers is a necklace; or was….stop! What the hell?!

I wonder what happened to her? I wonder if she has already gotten her vaccinations….

I’m starting to sweat…

But, if the shot goes right, it won’t matter anyway.

We had to do upgrade a bunch before, back when Corona was all the rage. Hell…ha ha ha, I wish this was about Corona.


Never thought we’d end up longing for the good ol’days of simple pimple Covid.

Now, because we’re forward thinking and responsible citizens, we are “given”, “offered” a new vaccination every 90 days. The diseases keep mutating, they say. Gotta stay ahead of it they say….

The G*damned curve….

Oh guess what else? We don’t have to pay taxes either. Because we don’t get paychecks anymore.

We get a new shot.

Get new shot, get new stuff. Simple. Pimple.

“What’re you laughing about?” asked the man at my shoulder….

Oh shit…I f*g laughed…out loud

Make that, 30 seconds before they give me my new shot.

My name is Jared, for the record.

The shot record is the new currency.

“What’s funny?” the man asked again; his eyes skating over mine to look at the fidgety locket woman.

I tried to swallow real quick, like you do before you blurt out a quick excuse or fib and 3 or 4 words collide in your brain at the same time, forming on your lips to come out as “splirtfes..tul..op” then reorganizing to form “Oh nothing, just freaking out in my own head”

“What’re you doing?” he asked the locket ladyn focused on her now. He was still next to me but I could feel his, whatever you call it, his “aura” ratchet up to suspicious…

She ran….

To be continued

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