Day One: Decision to Detox

It’s the current news and overall glut of “fake” news, DOJ investigations, FBI accusations, systemic racism, implied racism, obvious racism or just the white mans established order of how things should be; that has soured my use of all things social media.

Mob Media

It’s not social media.

This is Social Media:
Courtesy of

1) websites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts

It was a good idea, a grand experiment at first but, like most everything else we humans get involved with, we exploit it to the extremes of vulgarity or corruptive propaganda.

So, like most of you millions upon millions of humans also attached to social media by an unseen umbilical cord (the scene from The Matrix kinda flashed thru my brain for a sec…
I too was dumbstruck to come across a page or something that told me how much time I spent on social media sites.


I don’t wanna state so much that is obvious or has been written about over and over and over about social media; how we lay in bed after a hard days work (assuming) and peruse the feeds and stories before closing our eyes.

Not winding down or relaxing, but cramming extra information into our already (assuming) addled brains.

And I use that term “brains” lightly.

Brains taught us how to make fire; burn shit

Brains taught us how to make weapons; kill shit

Brains taught us that different looking people are less than us; kill or subjugate them. Hell, burn their asses to….and EAT THEM!

We should use our minds more.

We ignore them quite a bit, even though they come with a ready built moral compass that actually warns us that we’re about to do some stupid shit.

But, our brains don’t listen.

We have the greatest of gifts: Free Will.

If you see an animal, any animal, a lion say, look at a dangerous situation, like a herd of hundreds of water buffalo, and thinks “Fuck it” and attacks the herd by their lonesome?

Nope, always in a group.

Mobs are stupid.

No you don’t….

Animals do not commit suicide on purpose. Only when they’re starving.

Animals aren’t stupid. Only primal.

We humans, not primal, in our splendor, will charge a machine gun nest of hostile enemies, armed with an empty rifle, a broken bayonet and balls the size of Alabama, screaming “Roll Tide” at the top of our lungs that are then rapidly ventilated by hot enemy lead….amid the echoes of dying laughter at the stupid ass enemy….

Humans are not smart.

Brave is just a word for stupidity with the chance of witnessed glory.

Plus, it’s the ultimate act of free will. Suicide.

The other act of free will is to listen to your mind. To follow your moral compass.

Easy Peezy.

It’s ok to be mad during these last few weeks.

It’s ok to be upset & want change but, please check your history facts before you start spouting stuff that makes you sound like a crazy person.

Did you happen to see George Floyd’s funeral today?


The way I was taught to believe, I will guarantee you that he is somewhere better, either laughing his ass off or crying like a baby.

If I’m not right, he’s in a box, buried under dirt. Not doing a damn thing. Or hearing anything.

I was raised in South Georgia.

My formative years during the 60’s and 70’s.

I knew the word “nigger”.

I knew what a nigger was when I saw one but, that didn’t stop me from playing with “them”; fishing, walking thru the woods hunting squirrels or swimming in the same water…naked.

It was just a word.

My grampa hated niggers. But, they sat in the yard with him drinking beer and “shoot’n the shit” sometimes.

My dad hated niggers. But, my dad was a psychopath and hated everyone; literally.

I hated niggers. Didn’t know why, I just did. That’s how I was taught. Until it was time to play or work and when I got older.

It’s a word, people.


Check this out.

Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive.

    1. a black person WHAT!!?
    2. a member of any dark-skinned people. WHAT!!!
    • Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc. 
    • a victim of prejudice similar to that suffered by blacks; a person who is economically, politically, or socially disenfranchised.


    It’s always been defined as “a loathsome and slovenly” person.

    No color added….




    Fun fact! The only reason we came up with the word/descriptor “nigger” is because us southerners, black AND white, talked like we had a mouth full of rocks and couldn’t say the word NEGRO.

    There is no color in the word nigger. Technically.

    We put it there. ALL OF US! WHITE AND BLACK!

    Like I said, I’m from south Georgia, attended a 75% “black” high school. I’m telling you that there was “brothers” calling each other nigger WAAAAAAY before the white kids did or thought to do. IN THE 70’S!!

    I didn’t/ no longer say the word in that reference to a “person of color”

    It is shameful and I refuse to use it, in any context. Ask my wife…

    I use my FREE WILL for that decision.

    Does that mean Mexicans, Hawaiians or Hindu are niggers too?! Just throwing that out there…

    None of this is racism based anyhow.

    A stupid, corrupt cop killed a dude over a possibly forged bill…?

    When I went through the police academy, we weren’t taught deadly force applying to dirty money, unless there was a gun involved.

    Throw their stupid ass in jail. Any color.

    It was a bad dude, backed up by other bad dudes that killed a formerly bad dude; with a rap sheet that was broadcast to them, putting them on higher alert.

    Know your history, people. The real history.

    Know your facts on the ground.

    You are embarrassing yourselves. White AND Black.

    There are no differing races in looters and rioter, violent protestors.

    2 years, hard labor in a gulf coast prison.

    Lots of bugs, gators and weeds to sling blade.

    Oh btw, leave us truckers alone. We just wanna do our jobs.

    We don’t want nothing to do with your world.

    We’ll deliver your stuff but that doesn’t mean we have to like you or agree with your stupid ass “protests”

    Oh, like I said, I’m off all social media for a while. Hopefully forever.

    There is nothing real about any of it.

    (Oh, that cop knew he was being videoed and never tried to hide his face. Neither did the others. Don’t that sound weird?)

    See ya tomorrow.

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