Old Adversary

I was talking to my long passed grampaw in a dream last night; he visits me every once in a while….

“Pawpaw..? You seen all this mess that’s going on TV right now; with the races fight’n amongst themselves, holler’n about the rebel flag, people being all crazy, Corona virus kill’n folks & democrats cut’n a fool?”

He nodded his, born in 1915, wisened old head and looked up at me thru his little Rite Aid reading glasses….

“We went thru a bad flu, a depression, 2 world wars and other bad stuff…we made out ok”

And then he said…in his southern accent; thick as wet South Georgia clay….

” FDR & them GOT-DAMN, Russians!”

Always someone to blame in new & old ways…

Focus, people. The old folks got thru it, we can.

Get it together, Americans!

Everybody is laughing at us!


Fellow. Americans.

Focus, people.

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