Never Heard of It


SEC president “threatens” state over their flag?! Blackmail…

I guess I’ll be done with the SEC then, too.
There went #nascar, #nfl, #nba, #mlb and now the #sec….

2020; the year America killed sports due to stupidity and ignorance.

Looking for a new country to live in, or maybe a nice gated community with no asshole rules.

Do you know why racism hasn’t bothered or really occurred to me?

Because I don’t partake in it.
It’s not a conscious part of any decision making power or process I have, so I don’t notice it.

It’s really not a part of my life, unless others bring it to my attention.

And, it’s always…others.

I only indulge in road rage & that’s in the privacy of my own truck where it doesn’t hurt anyone but me….


Even growing up in the south & I’ll say this and be judged by Christ if I’m lying.

The only time I have ever witnessed “racism” was from black students against me….in South Georgia. 1976 to 1982.

Most of us didn’t fight back. Us, “White kids” were too scared to do anything like that.

Not out of being afraid of getting ganged up on but, we just didn’t do it.

We were taught right.

Keep your feelings to yourself unless you’re around family & mind your manners.

Always respect your elders, black OR white!

But, in school, we were just kids you know.

Adolescent kids are brutal, teenage years; barbaric.
Black, white, green, yellow or blue….

Jr High & High school is tough for any kid. You worked thru it, learned, grew up…

Since then, now some 35 years later…?

I’ve been a Cop, construction worker, truck driver, college student, actual “disc jockey” etc..?

Never noticed any racism other than in the news.

Oh, I’ve seen plenty of snottiness & pettiness but blatant, hateful racism?

Like I said, only on the news. Only on T.V.

And I believe that’s the problem.

Turn off the TV, social media, talk shows, talk radio, op-Ed’s in most newspapers and I believe this will disappear from our lives & minds.

It’ll work itself out. We will adapt, peacefully.

There will be no way to keep stoking everyone’s anger OR hateful speak with no media.

Drop it for a week, if you have a problem with all this.

I’m telling you, the media & others are behind this newest wave of indignation & racial simmering.

Unplug from the media, as much as you can. All you need is local weather alerts and @Parler… Seriously.

People will get tired & fed up with all of it and begin to just want things to go back to normal; but better.

No…normal change.

Not hate inspired or media manipulated change.

Love will shine thru; I just know it.

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