In Here

The wealthy, lifelong blind man was asked…
“If I told you that I can give you sight, how much would it be worth to you?”

The old man sat there in silence, trying to comprehend a thing that he had never experienced; like he’d done before….millions of times throughout his life, he figured.

He certainly had heard plenty, too much at times, not enough when it mattered; tasted much and spit out as much, smelled things grand, bland & just plain bad.

He had felt things even more deeply than “sight” would allow.
The fallback “eyes” that all the blind relied on thru time never lied. You touched it, you remembered it.
They taught you.
Can you look at something every single time and tell if it’s too hot, too cold, too rough or smooth…?
The eyes will lie.

The rich, old man came back to the question; and asked
“Is a flower as pretty as it smells, as gentle as it feels, as silent as a held breath?”

“Most are… ” said the doctor; then added
“Everything is different to everyone. Experiences differ, you know, from one person to the next”

The old man nodded; mused…

“I’ve” seen” things my own way, my own “visions”, my own shapes, colors, beauty…and sounds; smells, tastes, touch and such…that go alongside with my visions of a thing.

He thought a bit more, then added;
“Tell me doctor, what color is the sky, in your visual terms?”

The Dr said “To the sighted, we have given this visual labels; names, descriptors given from people, ages past, that created these names of colors.
” To most, the sky is blue, on a good day; sometimes it’s gray, white cloudy or blood red, yellow or bruise black; depends on the weather”

The old rich man’s blank eyes, stared at nothing it seemed; but he was seeing; oh yes, way off in his minds eye…behind what sighted people called, dark; he had seen a lot in his day.

The old man smiled and said
“As the wise have said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my good doctor. For the blind man I AM; for behind this curtain in my mind, between your perception & mine; in my eyes… everything stays beautiful, forever; in here”

He tapped his temple & grinned at the doctor…
“How much would you GIVE me for my sight?”

– Trey Clarke 2020

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