I lost a friend of 30 years today.

My life has changed forever.

Memories are fine.

I’d rather create them than recall them.

And my ongoing decent into old age makes that tougher & tougher to do.

What if I forget her?

Will I even know?

The darkness in life is always profound.


Bye girl….

I hope heaven is real.

You need the rest.

3 thoughts on “Change”

  1. Deepest condolences. It is hard losing a friend. I have lost six of them,after up to 65 years of friendship. At my advanced age now, my friends are twenty to thirty years younger than I am, so I trust they will all outlive me.Those who have passed are parts of my life and I can recall times with them with pleasure and laughter. Be grateful you have those kinds of memories. Blessings to you.

  2. It has been said, paradoxically, that the only permanent thing we know is change. I have found, sometimes to my consternation, that it is true. These days I am going through the change of losing my eyesight. I’m grateful that you write in large, legible print, easy for me to see. Thank you! The whole world is undergoing a change these days. Are you doing all right? Are you still working? Staying well?

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