Lots of Bible analogies, similes, metaphors, parables & such in this one but only in comparisons, not beating you over the head with TRUST IN GOD! I am a Mormon after all…

However you slice it, concerning the US election and related instances this past year, there’s a WHOLE LOT that needs to be fixed before we can claim OURSELVES truly, Americans.

The world expects more from us & we let them down.

“For it is the doom of men that they forget”

Do you have any idea, the blessing we have just being born here?

I’ve been other places on this world; near & far. I’m glad I was born here. So. Dang. Glad.


We have forgotten who we are as a nation, as a people…as a dream that could be reached.

A dream, that through hard work, desire & the OPPORTUNITY could be achieved; and protected.

Our entire population, our country, was founded on the dreams of peasants.

But, now…?

Seriously, I honestly could care less who is president or who holds the senate, as long as they follow the constitution, safeguard the nation & keep the ethics of a righteous & moral people.

I want Trump because, I believe he is the crazy man for a crazy world; for this time.

Sometimes, grown ups have to run things and say the hard truths.

We have taken it all for granted; I know I have.

We are the “dark & loathsome” people prophesied about; if you believe in that kind of thing.

Prideful, haughty, clad in fine robes & jewelry….loud talking, boastful…

Now, weeping & wailing; gnashing of teeth?

Wars & rumors of war…?

You get my point?

We are being humbled & brought low.
We WILL reap what we have sown.
We WILL reap the whirlwind.

We are no longer in control of our country; or the illusion of being in control…

Haven’t been for a very long time…

We are “led” / “represented” by 100 “elected”….BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! people….in the Senate, we are controlled by 435 “elected”…..BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA officials in the House of Representatives …

We are controlled by a biased media. (No joke, this fact) THEY ARE ALL BIASED.

535 people & a corrupt, partisan media controlling 350 million or so, people….

Easy, peezy.

The damage we have allowed, thru our community apathy, done this year will take decades to correct, if ever.

What have we done, America?
….what have we done?

My God….what have we NOT done?

OK, my political rant is complete.


These guys are really worried about world politics 👇🏻

I envy them

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