You Seriously Believe This…?

Do you actually believe that our votes counted?

Have EVER counted?

Do you actually believe that there aren’t people (I hope they’re “people”) in this so called “Deep State” that doesn’t know EXACTLY what’s going on with Everything currently “news worthy” and how it’ll turn out?

They’ve known for YEARS.
It’s all planned.

Do you actually believe that we have ANY actual control of our lives, decisions we make or “thoughts” we have?

Humans are simple ANIMALS.

Truth: There is no “man-kind” (Oxymoron? Hyperbole? Double Entendre?)

Truth: Free will does not exist as a rational, individual thought.

If a “government” or entity of control wants to steer humans in a particular way or “preordination” or the “it was my decision” delusional outcome, all that has to be done is keep “us”, “We The People” absorbed by, enraptured by & enticed by ANY of the 7 deadly sins.


Simple, really. So f***n simple….

Whomever or whatever controls the carrot, controls everything.

Lots & lots of carrots…

Truth: “For it is the doom of men that they forget”

Our species has forgotten more than we were capable of recording.

Established, human truths:
The earth has been dated at 4.5 billion years. That’s 4500 million…for people in Rio Linda.

Our “species” has an archeological record of 3.2 million years.

The oldest known cave painting is 64000 years old.

The oldest “accepted” civilization, The Sumerians; existed 6000, years ago. That’s 60 centuries…

The first televised newscast was in 1952.

That’s when it started to really get put into action; 68 years ago.

That’s when “We The People” lost our individual right to exist as a free & independent soul.

We became the “Target” audience.

We became a demographic shaped by the control of every industry.

Every sin, really.

Needful things…

Come to think of it, guilt, in and of itself, should be a happy addition to the deadly sins; not the product of sin.

Control the sins, control the guilt, control the person.

We have been perpetual students of other perpetual students taught by flawed humans taught by other flawed humans.

Nothing we have been taught is 100% true; only “fool proof”.

The only truth is physical pain.

Happiness is only the relief to imagined pain.

But, it seems so real…

Well, it ain’t.

Different times, different beliefs, different diets, different ideas, different interests & different priorities to what was important AT THAT PLACE IN Time, for long dead people’s, is what drives our current narratives.

We are controlled by all different forms of anything under the media “web”.

We are controlled by sin & guilt.

We are controlled by powers that we cannot understand.

And lately, I am seriously starting to think that maybe we shouldn’t go poking around in dark places, wondering where all this noise is coming from….

You ever REALLY REALLY had the shit scared out of you…?

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