“What The Fox Said….”

I couldn’t help it !

11 thoughts on ““What The Fox Said….””

      1. Sick, NaNo, family drama…. dropped out of NaNo b/c it just didn’t speak to me enough to rush through stuff just to produce word count, ya know?

        I’d like to burn that song along with Beiber’s hair….

  1. So, wait…you don’t like the song I put up yesterday? Well, I am deeply hurt. But, shit, I will probably get over it by the time I leave this page. I didn’t write the song, or sing it. I just like the message.

    Over & Out

    Peace & Love

      1. Oh, I know you didn’t like it. I read the comments above. Haha!
        Caught you. /)

        What if…you told me something I could believe you…what if you wrote me something of grand proportions…

        Peace & Love

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