Update : RuRu Hit


RuRu has been critically wounded during combat operations in the Seattle province of Washington while fighting insurgents of unknown species.

He was wounded by permanent structures while falling upon the enemy with extreme violence of action.

The M. A. S. H unit in charge of his care says his prognosis is dire and too early to tell.

It’s obvious to his fellow troops… Cullman, Steve, Bob, Guy and Major Trey that his fighting days are over.

When asked for a statement, the Major said that he and his troops were gonna get drunk and sing Irish ballads by his man’s bedside.

The combatant in question has been terminated with extreme prejudice by the new weapons system called Nike Shoe Stomp.

Please remember RuRu in your prayers…

Donations will be accepted in unmarked twenties and fifties.

Thank you and God bless America!

13 thoughts on “Update : RuRu Hit”

  1. But alas! Where do I mourn my poor soldier RuRu? I shall always be his widow in my heart. So sad this day. I shall sing Irish ballads as well, or at least sing U2 songs, and dream of beer, whiskey, etc.

      1. Wait, that is all it get? “Thx”? WTF?
        Oh, I get it, you have over 300 followers (which you told me you had only 30 not too long ago) and you only have time for a Thx for me. That’s all right. I have equal power, not equal the narcissism though, and I still have my options open. I am alright. No problem, no feelings hurt here, just keep on walkin…


  2. WOW! RuRu “Took a Beating in Battle”!! Compare this photo to the *Fabulous* photo of you, RuRu, and Feather Duster, he MUST need Surgery & a Plastic transfusion?? I see the word “Pic” on RuRu…..did he happen to come from the “YE OLE PIC N SAVE of OLD? Oh HELL, just go to your local 99 cent store and just buy a new RuRU??? You’ll have a whole new THING to write about…..LOL….Please let me know when you lay RuRu to rest, I’ll send some flowers. FUNNY post! *Catherine* 🙂 🙂

  3. Shock! Dismay! Shuddering! Gasps! Sobbing!
    Poor Ru Ru! I just got to know him and now he’s injured…. I’m so moved… so deeply moved… moved to eat chocolate and ice cream while mourning his loss of limb.

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