Tiny Man


I…am powerful

Lord and master…

If I sit and learn

I will listen….

If I touch the sky

I will not draw back my hand…

When I picture you in my mind

I am only human…

Only God brings life to me, through you.

Words fall away, descriptions die upon our lips.

Tell me about the world if you can, and try not to cry.

It will be beautiful again, I swear.

Not one man or woman…

To record nor declare.

“Save me” The Prairie grass whispers


“Kneel” sayeth the mountain kings.
“Let me go” cries great river “Just let me go”

Blaspheme, oh man…


Wretched stewards of dirt and rock

You had a simple task…

Light poles, telephone poles, roads, ditches, billboards, pumping rigs, blowing rigs, red flames and black smoke…

Even worse….

Fences around open Plains.

“I will cast you from me” says our Earth with utter honesty.

“I have the right to live too”

“I am your master” says the tiny man amongst the trillions of stars.

There is no sound in space.

Or someone would laugh….

9 thoughts on “Tiny Man”

      1. Ok! I like that name. Better than some of the others you have created.
        How are you doing? When did you take you last break? Is the truck stop WiFi working for you?

        Peace & Love at ya’
        (I will call you Treyman, sort’a like a Hughman, just not as many self pics).

      2. I am in Denton, Tejas’. No Wi-Fi, only me pathetic data plan. In my way to Houston tomorrow and hopefully home afterwards for a few days. I’ve been keeping up with you cakes!

      3. I don’t go anywhere, so that is easy. LOL
        I am appreciative you pay attention to my blog at all, seems I don’t put much of real value on it. At least not what I had envisioned when I began, over a year ago.
        Denton, well at least you are not right in the whole Dallas/Forth Worth mess.

        Take it easy, drive safe.

  1. Love this piece. I spread it far and wide: Tubmlr; Twitted it (oh! that sounds bad); FB slammed it; and even re-blogged it to show on my blog, which is quite the honor, just sayin’.

    Peace & Love

    1. I thought about it driving thru Kansas today.
      All that beautiful Prairie surrounded by fences…
      I wonder how it would feel to sit out in that grass, away from the roads, light poles, billboards and just be still. I’m going to do it one day when I find the perfect spot, if there is one even left.

      1. That would be wonderful to do. And…if you could actually get to a place where there is no traffic noise as well. Just hear the crickets, and wind in the grass. Like when you were a kid in the South.

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