After The Storm

A tribute to the power of wind and sky….

I have witnessed in my life, small as I am…

There are storms that come…

There is wind that changes.

There is rain that must fall….10468342_280494458789227_515724032_o

Out of a clear blue sky, so to say, it comes.

Sometimes hard and fast…

Most times, expected, but not respected….

Blacken the blue sky with tempest hail

A sky juggernaut in heavens wrath

Man throws rocks at the beast

Oh meager man…

The dying blue screams are heard on the wind


Die blue sky as the cloud daimonds shred earth and plain

It’s as a passing angry thought can destroy

Nature has come to show man the majesty of her elemental force




Foolish man…

Do what you will.

It is over in a moment10369869_284388028399870_6341031027235143039_n

This too has passed

The finger of God has tasted the earth and found it wanting….

Angry sky, angry wind, angry rain….

Devastation man….

It has passed


Nature has become bored with the speck that shakes his fist at the sky10421435_284388081733198_2336435350680186331_n

Trying to punch holes in the clouds to let the light back in

Art thou afraid of the dark, small speck?

Nature moves on with her larger plans….

Knowing that with true growth must partner with destruction.

Blue sky peaks back, a chastised glimpse

The sun pokes through, eager to drink up fallen pieces of cloud

Man is alive

He is reminded….

A storm will pass, the sky is blue….the grass is green

The air is pure once the poison of angry wind has passed

Grateful man…

Humbled man….

10464387_284388105066529_7013038065533833515_nMan can see the storm in the distance, while kneeling in brilliant light.








It shall pass…

…like an angry sky



14 thoughts on “After The Storm”

      1. Sheesh. I’m impressed. Stay safe out there . . . I’m about to fly to Omaha with 5 other-people’s-teenagers and 2 more adults . . . any tornado safety advice??

      2. When it starts to hail, don’t go outside. A hailstone the size of a quarter can fracture your skull or break a shoulder.
        90% of the time, tornadoes come with lightning.
        When your ears start to pop, find a hole quick!

      3. Don’t park on the shoulder, under bridges or overpasses.
        Find a truck stop, oil change place, muffler shop or mechanic shop. They all have pits in them for working on cars and trucks.
        Basic rule: If it looks bad, lots of lightning…don’t drive into it. Wind only gets bad within a 1/2-1 mile of storm, front line winds and microbursts.
        A sever thunderstorm or tornadic cell is usually traveling at 20-55 mph. It won’t take long for it to pass, so sit it out and take pictures from a distance.

      4. That’s the thing–we’re not driving. I’m trusting the pilots have their own version of these precautions, however, and that there are some safety structures in our hotel!

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