Quickly, Mind You…

Long story short, for why treyzguy (moi) has not been as prolific with the inane words recently as he is want to do…

Life has gotten in my way.

My laptop has gone the way of the teenager in school.

I have been afflicted with the dreaded Gomboo Flu….(thats the kind only middle-aged men get that render us incapable of taking care of ourselves)

Moving into a new home and getting set up.
Alcoholism looms….

So anything I post for a week or so will be accomplished via my cell phone; probably while lying in my truck sleeper berth, half naked with little white patches of eczema ointment scattered across my body like a misaligned pixel graphic.

I am not like most of you wealthy, drug dealing bloggers out there that can get a new laptop any time they want!

I gotta wait on some poor slob that leaves theirs on a bus or I can stalk and mug an old lady coming out of Best Buy….

That’s how I got the eczema, I think…

Dirty old people….

I’m preparing to get some sleep so that y’all won’t hear about a sleep depraved trucker barreling thru rush hour traffic in Baton Rouge.

No matter how much those assholes deserve it…

Oh, I invented a new kinda Haiku…

I call it “MeKu”

Catchy… Ain’t it?

Here’s my first offering:

I gotta make it short because my right texting thumb is starting to cramp and I think I just came down with carpal tunnel syndrome in my edbow….

Yes, I meant to say “Edbow”

That’s how the kids said it when they were babies…


OK… Here it is, so get off my back!


God turns the light off for a reason. Close your eyes.
See? You can create night, too…

Moon and stars

He gave us a nite-lite so we won’t stub our toes; something to count, something to howl at.

Planets and galaxies

Places to visit in our dreams where our eyes aren’t necessarily necessary…


No time like the present; as far as I can see….

Dawn…a new day

Now we have to live with our eyes open…

No howling at the moon

No counting stars

No nite-lite needed in the daytime but, ain’t it Ironic that we still have trouble finding our way?

Infinity is a stupid imaginary number that actually has no equivalent….

We know it goes on forever, kinda like, the concept of tomorrow….

In the day we do what people do to survive.
…and that sux.

Sleep and dream….
Be it nightmare or joy…

When was the last time you awoke in a lather, awake?

When was the last time the really real world took your breath away?

A beautiful day?

Hell, I can see one anytime I want.

Close my eyes, pass the moon, shoot some stars and cruise a few planets…


The stage curtains of life….

I can go anywhere thru an eye in my mind that no one can see, but me…

Anywhere, but here… Right now.

I want to go to sleep and see if she comes back….

My dream lady….

She is in here, somewhere, behind my eyes….

I can tell….

Thank God, thank God….

I’ve been waiting….

Dream Lady

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