Addiction Lies

I want you to go….Image


Silly one….

Why should I ever leave you?

I am always here when you need me, why do you fret so?

Have I not been here since the beginning of your sorrows?

Have I not been there for each struggle that you have faced?Image

Is it not I that gives you strength and purpose to face your….demons?

Is it not I that you can hide behind when you are tormented?

You have always been there….


I feel so alone….

Hush child….I am part of your soul

I am the only one you need….

I am at the tips of your fingers

Only embrace me and I will complete you.

You told me that you had answers….


I wonder what I could have been, if I hadn’t been.

I wonder why I felt lost, when I never really went anywhere.

I wonder why I feel guilt when I feel happy.

I wonder why my heart still beats when it has been broken so many times.

Why is it so easy for me to forgive others and not myself?

Why are some of the most beautiful flowers also the most deadly?

How come time stands still but I can feel it passing?

How come when I love someone it hurts?

Why do they say you only hurt the ones you love?

Why can’t I tell you that I love you only one time and you believe it forever?

Why do I have to show you that I love you every day?

Am I trying to convince you……or me??

Why can’t I leave you?

Why can’t I live without you?

Why must I need you….?

Now I understand you…….Image


You are killing me….


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