Dire = Hope

I’d like to start off with a couple of quotes from the movie “The 13th Warrior”

The movie, which stars Antonio Banderas, was not a blockbuster movie and I won’t get into plot spoilers or specifics, but I love this movie…13th-warrior-poster

I watch it all the time.

What gets me about this movie are the quotes and dialogue that are spoken among the characters.

Here’s the first:

Buliwyf: “I have only these hands. I will die a pauper.”
King Hrothgar: “You will be buried as a king.”
Buliwyf: “A man might be thought wealthy if someone were to draw the story of his deeds, that they may be remembered.”
Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: “Such a man might be thought wealthy indeed.”

This is why we write about our life, our experiences, our hopes and disappointments.

This is why we write: In our attempts to understand our world, to make sense of it all.

This is why we write: To try and make sense of things that defy sense.

This is why we write: To be rich, to touch another’s heart, mind or soul….

To purge ourselves of regret, despair and worry.

To create whatever we want or dream.


Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: “How can you sleep at a time like this?”
Herger the Joyous: “The All-Father wove the skein of your life a long time ago. Go and hide in a hole if you wish, but you won’t live one instant longer. Your fate is fixed. Fear profits a man nothing.”

I read the news again this morning….

Same tired shit…

I think this quote covers my feelings about our world right now, the only one we have.

“Fear profits a man nothing…”

So, I decided to be happy for the rest of my life.

If there is no profit in fear, live like you are rich.


Herger the Joyous: “When they come, we form a circle in the center of the room, backs to one another.”
Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: “I am not a warrior.”download132
Herger the Joyous: “Very soon, you will be.”

Our country is being taken from us, even the world is at terrible risk.

I guess we’ll have to fight before long.



[Sigh] “There will be blood”

I am not a warrior, but I can be.

I’ll miss America…


Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: [looking at piles and piles of skulls in the Wendol’s cave]
“I was wrong. These are not men.”

Religious war is going to kill us all….


Herger the Joyous: “We shall pray for your safe return!”
Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: “Pray to whom?”
Herger the Joyous: “In your land one God may be enough, but here we have need of many. I will pray to all of them for you. Do not be offended!”
Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: “I’ll be in your debt!”
[They wave goodbye]
Herger the Joyous: “Goodbye, Arab!”
Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: “Goodbye, Northman.”

Could it really be that easy?


But it will never happen.


Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: “Have we anything resembling a plan?”

Herger the Joyous: “Mm-hm. Ride till we find them… and kill them all.”images (4)

I am using “kill” metaphorically….of course.




That’s how it is with me.

I find these little nuggets of wisdom in the strangest places that move me to reflect and to act.

You know why….?

Herger the Joyous: “Where did you learn our language?!”
Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan: “I listened!”

I’m sorry about waxing philosophical again.

I’m really trying to be happy, I swear!

Sometimes I wish I were a true asshole…and didn’t care about my nation or my world.

Maybe it’s easier to just let things happen as they will….

My final and most favorite quotes:

…..not from the 13th Warrior.

Excalibur 1981

1) Merlin: “It is the doom of man that we forget”
2) King Arthur: “Now, once more, I must ride with my knights to defend what was, and the dream of what could be.”

I am with you…..

“We” are warriors.

Change the world, a little bit every day.

“1984” George Orwell

“There are only four ways in which a ruling class can fall from power. Either it is conquered from without, or it governs so inefficiently that the masses are stirred to revolt, or it allows a strong and discontented Middle Group to come into being, or it loses its own self-confidence and willingness to govern. These causes do not operate singly, and as a rule all four of them are present in some degree. A ruling class which could guard against all of them would remain in power permanently. Ultimately the determining factor is the mental attitude of the ruling class itself.”

images (5)“What opinions the masses hold, or do not hold, is looked on as a matter of indifference. They can be granted intellectual liberty because they have no intellect.”

“To the future or to the past, to a time when thought is free, when men are different from one another and do not live alone — to a time when truth exists and what is done cannot be undone: From the age of uniformity, from the age of solitude, from the age of Big Brother, from the age of doublethink — greetings!”

Ciao, fellow Proles………….

See you tomorrow….?

I promise I’m in a good mood….




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