Everything that we know, we have learned from someone else…

A human someone.

A human that learned from humans before them…and the humans before them… On & on

Everything that we know, is second hand knowledge. Most of it unseen, only accepted as fact because most of the time when we are learning, is from people that we know or trust; to an extent.

We don’t normally trust information from people that we do not know because of the obvious fact that some humans do not have your best interest at heart.

Unless they have the title of teacher, doctor or protector, always add a grain of salt.

How many times have we all sat there watching as a complete & total stranger has stuck a needle in your arm or finger in your butt and said “There, all better.” & believed it?

How many times have we sat there, in a classroom, listening to a teacher; hearing the lesson, trying to follow it and notice that some of the lesson is not in the book; or what they’re saying is kinda different than what’s in the book? Stuff you heard from other people….read in other books?

How many times have we believed what we have heard from others in leadership positions or as I said, the talking head on the idiot box?

We took it on faith. We know it to be true because a trusted celebrity told us it was good… Or bad?


These people are here to protect us, to protect our way of life. To do what’s best for us.

To have our best interest at heart, as I said?

“All I have to do is clap”

What do we do now that we have slowly come to the horrific, heartbreaking fact that we can no longer trust anything we hear & half of what we see?

“It is the doom of man that they forget”

Knowledge is power.

Being free of a conscience opens up all kinds of opportunities for the manipulation and exploitation of the trusting souls.

There’s all kinds of things that a person can do when they experience no guilt or regret. At least, not the type of regret that teaches us regulars anything; the type of guilt that drives our hearts to make amends or to do better.

There is something going on, in these times.

Hear me out.

If it’s as some people have stated, that “Satan” is here. That the “latter days” have begun, that the Tribulation is imminent. There’s some things about that, which bother me now, as I age…

If “Satan” is here, then what’s his end game?

What does he gain by enslaving us, by destroying us? To get over on his dad? Doesn’t say much for our values, dreams or worth, does it? Pawns in a selfish, childish game.

If “it” is here, then why has “God” allowed it? What’s his purpose for planning for us to go though this misery & pain?



I can’t understand. It’s impossible to understand.

Is “Satan” a metaphor?

Is God an alien?

Are we a feed yard for aliens?

Who can it be now?

What if…

When we get older & wiser, we decide we don’t believe in a “God” type entity?

What if we start to believe other things?

Free will, right?

Like, we are on our own; right now. The universe is bigger than we can imagine, that maybe we AREN’T the center of everything?

That maybe, just maybe we might actually not know SHIT.

Not shit that matters.

We know to eat.

We work. We procreate. We try to make a moment in history.

We try to be happy.

We are mesmerized by shiny things, loud things & things that other people have, that we want.

Dang, I’m gonna stop typing now.

I’m depressing myself.

We don’t actually matter for shit, do we?

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