Silly Wabbit

“Dude looks like a lady…”

In all seriousness, I don’t know why this bothered me so much.
Sitting here, pondering my reaction to this unknown person…
Kinda caught me off guard & surprised me how disgusted I was for a second.
Eventually, I thought;

1) First off, It’s none of my business. (most importantly)

2) To each his own, if it doesn’t hurt anyone…dance to your own beat.

3) Don’t assume, judge or insult by appearances, within reason. Visual is our most valuable conduit… To recognize fear OR reward, after all.

4) This could be a nice person, someone with a mom or granny. Or the one person on earth that will save us one day…

5) It could be an Angel or Jesus himself, testing me; in which, I fell short.

“All I have to do is clap”

The only reason I can think on “accepting” my reaction is that, to me, when a man or a woman veer from their natural, born  biological path & choose to pronounce they’re “difference” flamboyantly in a society that NATURALLY Abhors or FEARS differences in the herd….it bothers me.

It’s Natural to fear what is different; but for man?
It’s Biological in response; but for man?
It’s DNA, boys aren’t girls & vice versa; but, for mankind?
It’s genetic….but, for man?

Plus, I was raised in a different era & place.

Is that justifying….?

Men didn’t dress like girls…. At least, not in public.

I try to be better but, some things are bone deep & take a little longer to work thru.

That’s why I blog…

Thx for listening

Different times….

1st Glimpse
Pondering my reaction
Yep, it’s a dude but, so what?
A Book with a Different Cover…

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