Random Thoughts @ 2 AM: Episode 3


I am considering never watching TV or the news, ever again.

As most of you know I am an over the road truck driver. I have been out on this particular run for about 8 weeks now. That’s about 24,000 miles.

Not much of a chance really…

I haven’t watched a TV program in over a year. I couldn’t tell you the first thing about “Breaking Bad” or ….Hell; I can’t even recall the name of one.

Like that one with the nerds and a blonde headed girl.

I’ll watch an occasional movie on my lap top, Netflix, or buy a season of a TV show (3 years after it started)

There is nothing on the news or TV shows that I want to see.

I am soo tired of seeing nothing but trash.

Murder, rape, kidnapping, molesting, abuse, genocide, infanticide, terrorism, blue collar crimes, white collar crimes, rampaging teens, random gun violence, school violence…etc.,

I’m not that bright; check me here if I’m wrong. It seems to me that if all you hear is bad things, eventually you will start to feel bad…right?

What do you think would happen if a news agency did nothing but present good news, puff pieces, selfless acts of kindness, heroism and the like…and handled the trash like it should be treated? Whispered from behind one’s hands and never discussed in the presence of a lady.

I’m going to make up my own “Scripture”. I know God will not fault me for this because I am attempting to teach, inform or just add a spark in your eye.

Tell me if this is close:

From the First Book of…won’t use my name because I don’t wanna push my luck with blasphemy

From the First book of…Man. That’s good…

The Book of Man: Chapter 1, verse 1-3

1)      And it came to pass that the people of the land became prideful and delighted in their finery and trinkets. There were wars and rumors of wars. Brother against brother. They delighted in the subjugation of their brethren, ye (yay) casting from before them as in the herds of cattle to become carrion and rot at the feet of the wicked.

2)      And it came to pass that the people were like unto sheep and cared not that their shepherds led them to the slaughter.

3)      Ye, but the bleating of many sheep drown out the blasphemy of a few wicked men.

4)      For no wicked man can lead scattered sheep when they no longer recognize the call of their destroyer.

In a nut shell:

a)      I hate the news

b)      I love technology….to a point.

c)       I hate how our innocence is being taken away….given away

d)      It’s embarrassing to be a human right now. The animal kingdom knows they’ll get it ALL back pretty soon. Just a matter of time.

e)      We are only a species of this planet. We too shall pass.

f)       I believe in God, the flag, apple pie, I hate my mom though.

g)      If ignorance is bliss, then I wanna be the happiest Sumbitch in town!

h)      It is the doom of man that we forget

i)        I don’t think we ever really had a chance here on this earth.

Even though there are archaeological finds happening all of the time, the human kind I mean, there is ONE thing for sure that cannot be disputed.

In the scheme of earthly time…billions of years, humans are not even a dot. A blink. A fart.

What’s the hurry?

At this rate, we will be the most lethal “virus” ever.

No…we’re already there.

We are not only feeding upon ourselves, but killing the host.

My challenge to you:

Quit watching TV for one week. See if you miss it.

Don’t read tabloid news or stories that are sensationalized.

Would you have survived if you had been born 150 years ago….10.000?   Hey! That sounds fun…write a story about yourself as a pioneer on the Oregon trail…a gold miner…a pilgrim…or anything about any time span than now. (Before TV and technology…like phones or the telegraph)

Read a book

Only use your cell phone for emergencies after 6 pm.

Start a journal. Sit down and write about your life.

Sorry about this…just couldn’t sleep.

Thx for reading it though….

12 thoughts on “Random Thoughts @ 2 AM: Episode 3”

  1. I stopped watching the news a long time ago. It was when I realized the first 11 minutes every night had murder, rape, death, war, missing people, accidents, natural disasters, etc. Then they hit you with a positive piece like someone saving puppies or a dying child getting a wish granted by a charity. These would be shorter than the horror stories, but just long enough to start bringing your faith in humanity back. Once the commercial was done, you’re back to the reports about death and destruction.

  2. There is so much bad news all over the place, even on the Internet. That is why I look forward to one of your stories, even if it is serious; it is well worth my time to read.

    I haven’t watched any TV I think for about 2 years now. We lost our cable, but neither my mum or me misses it. She misses the news, and is still convinced there is something to the media news. I read a lot, thanks to my kindle reader. I don’t know what I would do without it. I was asked the other day,when getting off the bus, how many books I had on it since I always reading it on the bus: I told the driver over 300. He was dully impressed. The only bad news I even see is what Shaun puts up in his blog or what I get from his news service. I will occasionally read a story offered by someone else if it appeals to one of my subjects I am concerned with, like children, women, or even the LGBT population. I am not a member of this group, but I have worked with many who are, and find they are a marginalize population. They should be no bias in who we help and who we are friends with.

    I love the scripture part. You obviously have read quite a bit, as I suspect seminary and (a mission?) church attendance required.

    You also used some great words, big ones!

    I have thought the same thing as you: we are but a blip on the whole earth’s life. Animals and vegetation do win out, even if they have to adapt to a different environment, they still survive. I wish more humans understood this simple concept: what we do should be for the betterment of our species, not tearing the human race apart, and destroying everything we come into contact with.

    Peace & Love

  3. Excellent post! I don’t watch much TV at all. I do watch YouTube though, but I can choose what I watch. Only use my handphone as an alarm clock, sending text messages (when necessary) and making calls. Don’t read the news papers or watch the news.

    I agree with what you said. Negative news just builds up negative vibes and we keep saying it’s those sorts of things which “sell”…that’s not true. We are just following the herd…blindly. It would be a wonderful world if news was good news ..it’s not that we want to sweep the “bad” news under the carpet…it’s the way it is portrayed. Can’t we not have a “send love and light” section in the news and put it all in there?

    And couldn’t it be that so much awfulness occurs only because we feed into it?

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