Gideon’s Plight

If there are no more tears… How do you cry?

If there is no more feeling, why does pain remain?

When we are happy, why is the sky so blue and everything is freaking hilarious?

When you are alone, why do you prefer it after a while?

If you are lost, why do you hate to ask for directions?


“I can’t seem to find my way” said Gideon.

“It’s that way, just stay on this road”

“I know….I’ve been there before but, it’s been a while; I just got off on some side roads and lost my sense of direction”

“Well, the side roads are bumpy and get narrow in places, the good thing is they all come back to the big road eventually”

“Yeah, I noticed the bumps…I got all turned around….seems like I’ve been driving for years” [stretching and yawning]

“When I get off the beaten path I just slow down and look for signs”

“I didn’t see any signs, only cheap motels; I saw lots of them!”

“Yeah, the signs are kinda hard to see if you ain’t lookin’ for them. My mantra is; turn around, go back the way I came and start over; this time, keeping the sun in front of me”

“The traffic is terrible on the side roads…those motels are packed!”

“I know, weird huh?” “You’d figure the wide, straight road would be lots more congested”

“I asked a few people that live in those ratty motels for directions but none of them knew anything about the roads further on; most of them told me that they had run out of gas and just stayed where they were; figuring that since they had made it that far on the bad roads, why risk it?”

“I don’t see how people can stay in motels next to such a busy road, doing nothing but hearing people pass by at all hours”

“I think I’m gonna go back and put maps in all of the motels for those poor folks”

“Put them in the drawer next to the bed or on the nightstand, people always look in the drawers and closets in motels, they can’t help it!” LOL LMBO!

“Yeah, I’m guilty of that myself! Always gotta check for the boogey-man first!”

“Don’t laugh”

[Serious look, places hand on Gideon’s shoulder; squeezes]

“The boogey-man laid the roads that go past the motels, which he also built”

[Silence….then comprehension]

“Then, that’s why they’re so cheap….”

“Oh brother, they ain’t cheap at all; the amenities will cost ya plenty”

“Well, maybe these maps will help some of them find the big road, again”

“God willing and the creek don’t rise”

“What’re you saying?”

“I doubt it” [sigh] “Most people won’t look in the drawers and closets for the very fact that they expect to find the boogey-man”

“You’d think they’d be glad to find a map or something giving them directions off them bad side roads”

“Most folks won’t admit that they’re lost. They hate asking for directions or being told that they’re lost in the first place.”

“Took me a while to realize I was lost”

“But you finally did; Make sure no one see’s you putting the maps in their rooms.”


“Curiosity….mystery……breeds interest and speculation.”

“I see….” [Gideon rubbing his hands together like an arch villan, popping his eyebrows and going “Muwahahaha”]

[They both laugh]

“They will all wonder; who is this Gideon cat and why is his book in every freaking motel room on earth?”

“LOL!” Laughed Gideon, out loud!

“….and they will look and see….”

“I hope it helps, man” said Gideon “Being lost, sucks…”

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