Lord….We Need To Talk

Dear God,

I’m writing this post to ask you a few simple to answer questions.

Are you there?

Is it real?

Has everything I’ve been told since i was a child true?

Have you always planned to honor the promises that I have heard of?

Did you really think that we would fall for it?images (1)

Yeah, I know. Most of us have….

I’m impressed that you used the civilized word “faith” as a fail safe or a type of disclaimer to anything and everything that concerns you where it concerns us….

What word did you use for faith when we could only grunt, paint on cave walls with our very own shit and throw rocks at the moon?

Was it a hard word to pronounce, I wonder.

What was the first way to say God or Sin?

“I’ve never seen heaven”

“Then how do you know it is there?”

“It’s in the Bible, I have faith”

Men wrote the Bible.

Men translated the Bible.

Men agreed to remove parts of the Bible from other men.

Men tell us what the Bible “means”


Ain’t it funny how if we don’t have little or no faith we never get any of the goodies, God promised?

Ha! We have enough faith to walk up to a strangers door and shout “Trick or Treat!” and trust the people inside the house not to poison us or slip a razor or two into the apples….

We have enough faith in our fellow man for that but we seem to have a problem believing in a place we have never seen, a man we’ve never known, that supposedly saved us from ourselves and a theoretical place called Hell, Perdition or Hades or have actual academic, historical or archaeological evidence of…..

Why do we have to have faith?

Why can’t you just show us?

Do not tempt the Lord thy God….is what they always say, ain’t it?

It would be so much easier for you and us if we all knew for sure that there is a place called Heaven and the so-called Hell, Perdition or Hades.

We would behave so much better if we knew Heaven was really real and Hell was really real….

Taste the candy, touch the flame.download

Which would thou crave?

If burning makes you happy nothing else will.

Why can’t you just show us, I mean, I’d believe it.

I mean…if it’s so awesome and wonderful and full of mansions and made by God, who “wouldn’t” believe it?

Have faith and all will be revealed.

Then just show me and I won’t need your faith.

I will have your proof.

I will have the pudding….

I have lots of angry questions, Lord and lots of silly ones I guess….

If you just hadn’t given me free will, everything would have been so much easier.

If you hadn’t given me sorrow so that I may know Joy, everything would’vebeen easier.

If you hadn’t done a lot of things, a lot of things wouldn’t have happened, didn’t have to happen.

If you are the God you say that you are then why didn’t you scrap your first efforts at humans when they screwed up and showed signs of defiance and self-awareness and start over.

It would’ve been easy, if you’re the God that you say that you are…wpid-wp-1438087254443.jpeg

A piece of cake…..

A slice of apple.

Why do you keep on keeping on?

Don’t you think that most of us believers are about tired of this crap down here and are ready to go….anywhere, but here?

Well, except Hell, Perdition or Hades….even though we don’t have any actual academic, historical or archaeological evidence or proof that they exist.

Damn my faith….

Some times I actually regret having faith.

Knowing without seeing.

Believing without seeing…

Watch the right hand…..

I’ve had plenty of opportunity to deny; way more than 3 times before the cock crows.

I’ve had plenty of opportunity to dispel.

This is the one thing in my life that I’m pretty sure of,….

This is what I believe:

I believe that I can fuss and holler about God and his plan, and he’ll suffer this fool.

I can whine, moan and gripe that he is selfish and could stop all of this misery on our planet with only a thought, and he will suffer this fool.

I can live in fear knowing that he could stop it all, good or bad, with the very next thought, and he will….one day.

I believe that forgiveness is not endless. I believe that a person can only go to the well, so many times.

I believe that God gets tired of liars, blasphemers and false prophets.

I believe that God believes that we will not endure, despite Godly effort.

I believe that I can be a natural man, with all of my faults and complaints, and God knows me better than I could ever know myself.

God knows me and my heart and he suffers me….imagesroad

He has shown me that much.

I am still here.

Evidently, he has more faith in us than we do in him.

I know for a fact he has more in me than I am capable of…..and I suffer the fool….

I’m only human, I have limitations

Thx for letting me vent, Lord.

I’ll talk to you later tonight, as usual.

2 thoughts on “Lord….We Need To Talk”

  1. …O my God! But for the tribulations which are sustained in Thy path, how could Thy true lovers be recognized; and were it not for the trials which are borne for love of Thee, how could the station of such as yearn for Thee be revealed? Thy might beareth me witness! The companions of all who adore Thee are the tears they shed, and the comforters of such as seek Thee are the groans they utter, and the food of them who haste to meet Thee is the fragments of their broken hearts (bpr).

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